Monday, September 7, 2015

When I fell in love with music

I don't think anything in the entire world effects me as much as this cartoon does. If you scroll the comments many people talk about how sad this is, stories pets of old, and a variety of childhood memories. And while I can cite each of those as reasons why this makes me sad, the true reason it moves me as much as it does is because of my father. We used to watch this cartoon together often when I was young and this segment has come to mean something very special for us. Perhaps it's the first time we connected over music, or maybe it's because we both are overly sensitive cat loving people. The two of us are most definitely cut from the same cloth,

Yesterday the opening song to this came on my Pandora music station and I immediately started crying. I miss my dad. He's in NY. I'm in Ohio. Fall is coming. I want to be home. I went to get a hug from Hubby and we talked about this cartoon, Garfield in general, and what Little Guy will connect to and remember from each of us. It made me think of my grandmother again and how fleeting life is; but how memories last forever. I hope Little Guy loves this cartoon too, but I hope it makes him smile (or at least smile for a moment because how can you with an ending like this?).
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