Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Did I wear today?

This outfit kind of reminds me of a Greek Goddess mixed with an early 90s college student about to go on a date...I come up with the weirdest references. Maybe this is why I'm becoming a psychologist. Got a screw loose somewhere up there. Haha.

Dress: Forever 21 (this year, part of my congrats you've survive your first year of grad school present)
Shoes: Nine West via Marshall's
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Headband: H&M

I'd also like to point out that this might be the first WDIWT picture with Charlie not in it! He opted to watch from bed instead.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Latest Fashion Craze: Wear Your Own Geodes

Do you remember those break your own geode kits from growing up? You'd see them at the science store or in museums. I always always wanted one. It was at the top of my "must have souvenir" list, but my mom always said no. I don't know why, I had a rock collection for a long time. I loved to put them in one of my jewelry boxes and take them out at least once a week, look over them, and decide which were my favorites. I always thought about what I'd do with them if I could make them into jewelry. Certain ones for earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. And now, someone has finally had the bright idea to do just that with all of these rocks. And you can't go to any fashion store these days without seeing tons of their accessory carts filled with them. Makes me wonder what happened to those stones...if I knew how to make jewelry out of them I could save a fortune on things for myself and gifts.

Recently I've been pretty crazed about this new fashion trend and I have been searching high and low for something to add to my collection of accessories. So far I haven't had much luck as the things are either super huge (I've got tiny fingers so big stone rings don't work for me) or super expensive. I did just start working at Anthropologie, but even with my discount who can afford the things there? I mean, I've love to be able to buy these earrings or this ring:

But my God that's a lot of money! I don't think I could afford that ring even when I had a job.

At any rate, I did find a few more affordable options out there (and as usual H&M has cheap ones too, they just don't have a website for shopping).


Mod Cloth

Forever 21

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Review: Charade

Charade is one of my all time favorite Audrey Hepburn movies. Even though so many of her roles are iconic (think Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's, etc.), Charade takes all of the things that make Audrey a great actress and then pairs her with Cary Grant. It is beyond me why this is not thrown in as one of her best roles. And Cary Grant does what he does best (suave dry wit). It's a comedic/mystery masterpiece.

Audrey plays a woman, Regina, who upon deciding to divorce her husband comes home to their Paris apartment to find that he has been murdered. After leaving her with nothing but three (maybe four) criminals chasing after her for their share of some stolen loot, Regina turns to various people for help. But it seems like everyone has a different story and she has no idea who to trust. As Regina navigates the secrets her husband kept from her and does her best to stay alive, every time she turns around things aren't as they seem. Expertly written to be comedic and not confusing, Charade keeps you guessing. My favorite line of the movie comes from the very end and harps on the many twists and turns (I won't say it now because it'll give it away).

From the very first scene, Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe is amazing. This is one of those times that a movie's stylist is spot on. Bright colors, 60s silhouettes, and music to match. Watching the movie seems like watching a time machine to another era. But in doing so it because glaringly obvious where all of the fashions of today came from, and it doesn't seem so dated anymore. And for someone like me, who is a huge fan of that time period, it reads like a how-to manual. With all the color-blocking that is so big right now, I've definitely got more than enough inspiration to last me the summer.

But again, Charade isn't just about fashion, it's about a great mystery, which I know Nick appreciated. He loves Cary Grant (I have slowly but surely been introducing him to many of the great classic Hollywood actors and actresses) and the cheesey lines he is always written and appreciates his slapstick background as well. So while I was mesmerized by the aesthetic aspects of the movie (don't get me wrong, I do love a good mystery too), Nick was able to enjoy other parts of the storyline as well. Action, suspense, lots of sexual innuendos. Bottom line, when everyone can be happy, you know you have a winner on your hands. If you can, watch it while it's still on instant play on Netflix.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time Tunes

I know for some people (my brother included), the summer time means music festivals. Sweating, mud, and band after band of sonic bliss. I don't think I'll be going to any festivals, but I did start off my summer with an outdoor concert (and I've got a couple more left-yay summer tours). I saw Florence + The Machine with my friend Brandi. She was spectacular and even played a few new songs. Very excited for that album to come out.

What does the summer time mean to you? Fun? Heat? As few clothes as possible! Thunderstorms. The Beach. Driving around aimlessly at all hours of the day. BBQing. Camp. Freshly cut grass. Vacations. And in no uncertain terms, some kind of freedom that you don't have the rest of the year. Even when I was working, the summer still mean things would slow down and not be as hectic during the rest of the year. And now, while I will still be taking a class, have a part time job (Anthropologie, score!), and will be spending some time at the school clinic, the amount of work I'll need to do when I get home each day will be far less. No more late nights with my computer tapping away, no more weekends wasted doing work and telling Nick to bug off for awhile, and no more unGodly amounts of reading to least until September.

With all these things in mind, I made a summer time mix to celebrate the new season. Somewhere between laid back relaxation and a dance party, it's what the summer is all about: freedom.

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
Hounds Of Love - The Futureheads
June Gloom - The Like
Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
LDN - Lily Allen
Horchata - Vampire Weekend
Ten-Twenty-Ten - Generationals
Second Hand News - Fleetwood Mac
Limelight - Rush
Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane
Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley
Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse - Minus The Bear
Shiny Happy People - R.E.M.
Under The Blacklight - Rilo Kiley
12:51 - The Strokes
No Action - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Girls Of Prey - Pop Noir
Pounding - Doves
Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
Follow You Down - Gin Blossoms
You Are the Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fried Zucchini Blossoms

Last year when we moved I started a vegetable garden with the hopes of figuring out the hell I was doing and maybe getting something (one thing) edible for my efforts. Considering it was started in late August, I didn't get that much out of it. A few pea pods, and lots of sprouts that either died during the "winter" or are still growing today. But one thing we did have a lot of was zucchini blossoms, so we took advantage of that and had many many fried blossoms for appetizers and with dinner. Here's some tips and recipes for eating them.

When harvesting, only pick the male ones because female ones are the ones that produce fruit. You'll know the difference because the female blossoms will have little round things underneath the blossom (that's your zucchini that's starting to grow!). Also pick them when they start to open up, but eat them within 24 hours otherwise they'll shrivel up. You can save the blossoms for a day or so longer if you keep them in ice water or a cold damp paper towel. Make sure you clean them out before eating (I like to make sure there's no pollen on the inside, and obviously no bugs!). Blossoms from other squash plants aren't so great.

What you need:

- Zucchini Blossoms
- Bread crumbs
- 1 Egg
- a dash of milk
- Flower
- Oil
- Mascarpone and Blue cheese

1. Mix together some Italian seasoned bread crumbs, flour, egg, and just a little bit of milk until you get a nice thick batter.
2. Put a little bit of mascarpone cheese and a lot more blue cheese on the inside of a blossom. (We've tried several different cheeses, and due to the mildness of the blossom, a cheese with a little bit more kick to it works best.) Twist the ends together to close up the blossom. (Side note, if you use mascarpone cheese on it's own, it will explode and drain everywhere when you bite into it.)
3. Dip the blossom in the batter (you'll know if it's too thick or too thin based on whether it sticks to the blossom at all or runs completely off.
4. You can either bake them or fry them. If you fry, preheat the oil and when it is very hot, drop the blossoms in. They only need a minute or two to cook. Remove with a slotted spoon when browned and let cool on a paper towel. If you bake, bake in a in a tin with walls (either a cookie tin or a cake tin) with some olive oil in preheated 400 degree oven until batter is cooked.

And if that was enough effort for one meal, here's a quick and easy pasta dish that you can eat these next to (ie. not part of).

Make spaghetti the way it says on the box and drain. Add some olive oil and butter, garlic (fresh or powder is fine), parsley, basil, nutmeg, and parmesean chesse. The end.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review - The Duke Spirit

I think ever since I first heard "The Step and the Walk" by the Duke Spirit I have been on a major girl singer craze. My music playlist transformed from heavy guitar guy fronted rock, to female fronted bands of all kinds. Based on this single alone I started a little bit of an obsession with this album and listened to it non-stop for months. Their influences seem to come from all over the place (more 90s rock with a bit of 60s stuff thrown in), but their sound is decidedly British.

I love the lead singer's voice. It's strong, has a little bit of a late 60s earthy vibe to it, but it's powerful. It's perfect for the bluesy dark rock that it fronts. Mix it with the nautical themes (it is named after the Roman God of the sea) and the tracks about heartbreak and love, and I'd say you have a classic on your hands.

I'm still depressed about getting into the band too late to get tickets for their last tour. But this time, tickets will be bought, and concerts will be witnesses! With a new album to be released in the coming months, I'd say it's at the top of my list for most anticipated records out this year...well...maybe tied with the one Garbage is supposedly supposed to come out with.

Standout Tracks: Send A Little Love Token, You Really Wake Up The Love In Me

I think I need to go add this album back into the mix again. This song is too good not to listen to on a regular basis.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today is not a real entry, but more of an exclamation of excitement and accomplishment. As of today, this very moment, I have officially completed my first year of my PhD program. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about this and pride doesn't suffice either. I tried taking a picture on my MacBook to show you, but I'm too happy because they all looked like a scary clown.

At any rate, in a few hours I'll be on a plane to Vegas to party for 48 hours (or really sit by a pool, go to Max Brenner, then sit by a pool some more), before I have to be back to start the summer quarter on Monday.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dresses to the Max

I think it's no secret that the 70s are back with a vengence this summer. I've always felt that they were a little bit of a throwaway decade with very few things making them worthwhile (I really hate disco). And I even hate some of the clothes (bell bottoms, ugh), but I have to admit that I'm really liking a lot of the styles and how they are being updated lately. The perfect summertime fashion from that decade (and the late 60s too) is the maxi dress and just about everywhere you go you can find them. Don't be afraid to buy one if you're short, just hem it, or wear some platform wedges which are also back.

Here's a few of my favorites from around the interwebs.

Top Shop


Old Navy

Forever 21

Banana Republic



It's a shame H&M doesn't have an online shop. I saw a few great ones in the store too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What did I wear today?

An outfit based around a recently thrifted vintage 80s shirt (the matching skirt is on sale in the garage sale section of the blog).

It's amazing the things you can find for $1.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top 5 Shows on Instant Netflix Right Now

I've noticed lately, on some of the chat websites I'm on (like The Nest, etc.) people have been asking a lot about which shows Netflix offers on Instant Play that would be good to get into. It just dawned on me that this is because it's the summer and most normal programming is on hiatus...but I guess that still works out for me as I can get a blog entry out of the deal. I absolutely love Netflix, and I tend to watch a lot of instant stuff when my brain needs relaxing. So here's some of my favorites and I'm hoping you enjoy them too.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- My favorite TV show of all time. Nick and I are currently watching this (we've been trying to get through the series for about 3 years now, and are finally on season 5), and as a true fan, no matter how dated certain things may seem at times (like some of the fashions or music), the story is timeless. Girl meets vampire. Girl slays vampire. Girl saves the world...a lot. But this story isn't just about fantasy creatures, it's about friendship. And that is a story that anyone can appreciate and enjoy.

Sherlock - I was recently turned on to this show by Bow Ties are Cool and am pretty upset that the whole first season is only three episodes. To some degree that's alright because each episode is about an hour and a half; so each episode ends up being like a mini movie. Somewhere between House and a crime-drama, there dry wit, sarcasm, and of course a very strong desire to solve a mystery at any cost. The cinematography is awesome. The stories are awesome. The clothes are awesome. The accents are awesome. What's not to love?

Downton Abbey - I originally started watching this show thinking it was going to be a Masterpiece Theater mini-series (I've seen just about every single one on Netflix Instant Play. It's my favorite thing to watch on a rainy day, a day where I drink tea, a day where I miss England, or a day when I just feel pretty much everyday), but when the last episode ended and I was not given my happy ending I was overjoyed to find that there will be future seasons. So excited! For this period piece (it takes place right before the start of WWI), typical issues of any Masterpiece Classic are tackled. Class problems, money problems (ie. who will inherit my fortune), love problems, and political problems of the "current" day. I'm not sure how guys will like this, as normally I would say that they're not interested in the usual mini-series fare, but this show is not as schmaltzy as others I've watched are and actually has a slightly darker outlook.

- I think with all the press and publicity this show has gotten over the last few years I hardly need to describe what it's about and why it's so great. What I will say is that I tried very hard to hold out because I think Journey is cheesey. But once I started, I was stuck. Gleek for life.

LOST - No list of TV shows would not be complete without my other favorite TV show of all time. I know that this show has a mixture of diehard fans (like myself), who enjoyed nerding out over the theories and wanted nothing but answers, and fans who were both over and underwhelmed at times and started to lose interest by the end. But no matter which way you slice the pie, this show is still one of the best ever. A little bit of something for everyone (romance, action, and mystery), as long as you stay invested you will never be disappointed. And as a side note, I'm still depressed over the last episode. I'm not sure I will ever recover. (please no spoilers in comments)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review - Best Coast

What's better for the summer than surfer music? Best Coast's debut album Crazy for You is just that. A mix of low-fi garage rock with California beach music, the album is full of short rockin' tunes that will make you feel like you should be polishing your board and looking for the next big wave. Or if you're not by the beach, like you should be BBQing and cracking open a beer by the pool.

Best Coast is part of the latest wave of low-fi rock that gets it's inspiration from 90s grunge and 60s surfer rock. Except unlike a lot of the bands out there that just throw something together and hope part of it sticks, Best Coast's songs are catchy with just enough fuzz to add an effect rather than completely drown out everything to the point of annoyance. Maybe that's why Best Coast is so well received by fans and critics alike. Half the songs could be singles, and each one in appealing in its own way.

The band comes from LA, and it really shows as the songs drip with what it means to be from California. When I first got the record, every time I popped it in I felt like a real Californian. All I had to do was put on some board shorts and get a tan...although it was winter at the time, and cloudy, and rainy, so that wasn't about to happen, haha. Maybe that's why I think this album is so great for any time. It sounds great for when you want to chill by the pool, but if you want to chill when it's rainy and you want to be lazy it fits that mood too. All in all a really good record that I think anyone who likes rock music can enjoy.

Standout Tracks: Boyfriend, Goodbye, When the Sun don't Shine

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 California Tea Shops

When my friends from New York were here, I made one promise to my friend Chloe. And that promise was that we would visit a tea room. Back home, she and I used to frequent Harmony Tea Room in Westwood on a regular basis. I had two places in mind, and needless to say I was pretty excited about the idea of two high teas in one weekend.

First up I made reservations at Lisa's Tea Treasures, which I've walked past a few times in Santana Row. I should have listened to the reviews on Yelp, though, which were generally mixed. And I have to say that my experiences were mixed as well.

One of the many reasons I really enjoy going to tea rooms is the chance to try lots of different foods. It gives me ideas for when we have our own tea parties at home. Some of the sandwiches at Lisa's Tea Treasures were very yummy, but the bread was dried out. Our waitress was also not the friendliest. And considering the amount of money we paid, we weren't given a lot of food. Tea rooms are generally not cheap, but at Harmony we would have gotten twice the amount of food. And at the second room we visited we paid less and got more. But on the other side we got free tea refills.

The room itself did its best to be fancy, but some of the things were also tacky. All in all it just seemed like the room was trying too hard and I don't think I plan to go back, although the tea shop had a lot of cute cups and things.

Meanwhile, we had the good fortune to visit Crown and Crumpet in Ghiradelli Square. The first time I visited San Francisco with Nick, we went to Ghiradelli Square and walked passed Crown and Crumpet. I nearly leapt with glee at the sight of it. Brightly colored, frilly tea embellishments, and British. I knew when my friend Chloe came to visit I had to take her there.

Luckily they had outdoor seating so we were able to go on our day in the city with Charlie. It was a little windy because the square is right on the bay, but it was worth it. Sunny, clear skies, and a great view. We got the tea for three (even though there were four of us) because there was so much food we had more than enough. Four different kinds of tea sandwiches (one of which had a roasted red pepper spread that I plan to try to replicate the next time we have our own party), crumpets, two kinds of scones, and four different desserts. Everything was so delicious, my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.

Compared to Lisa's Tea Treasures, their shop didn't have as cute of tea things, but they did have a lot of cute things for kids and craft-like food projects. Everything was a little pricey, so I don't think I'll ever purchase anything from there. Unless of course they expand their Alice and Wonderland stock and have something too cute to pass up...and I have a job...which technically I do, but that's a long story...

I can't wait to go back with Nick, or just about anyone for that matter. Definitely a new favorite, and I'm glad I have a suitable replacement for Harmony while I'm out here. It's just too bad that it's not within walking distance like when we were in Westwood.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

What did I wear today? The British Version.

So this outfit may be a just a bit too hipsterish, or maybe olden timey British? But I've been watching a lot of BBC lately (it's what I've been doing to relax in between studying, papers, and exams). So I took a page from one of my favorite Anglophiling Bloggers (Bow Ties are Cool), and made a outfit inspired from some of the shows I've been watching. Maybe a bit weird, but I love lots of odd color and texture combinations.

Shirt: Modcloth
Shorts: TopShop
Cardigan: Forever 21
Socks: H&M
Boots: Steve Madden
Tights: The Gap

Friday, June 3, 2011

The latest update on the Farm

It's been a really long time since I've given you all an update on my hoard of animals and I'm happy to report that things are much much better than the last time I wrote about them. Charlie has transitioned into our routine much better and I'm happy to say that we haven't had an accident in the house in weeks. Well, other than when his friend Cubbie comes over and they both get really excited and stuff happens. Cubbie is my friend Mike's dog and they have puppy play dates once a week. Between that and Charlie's weekly visit to doggy daycare (on the day that I'm out of the house all day), he's gotten much better about being around other dogs and people. Still not perfect as we still have some instances where he barks and growls at people, but it's definitely not as bad as it used to be. We recently had some of my friends from New York stay with us and he warmed up to them really quickly. He was already such a sweet pup, and now he's starting to show that to others besides just Nick and myself.

Meanwhile he's getting along much better with Lulu. Last time I wrote about this she was starting to come out a bit and be curious about him. Now she has almost completely come out of her shell around him. When he wants to play she's much more willing to. She'll chase him, and let him chase her a little bit too. Every night they sleep with us on the bed, and once in awhile I've even caught them snuggling.

Batman on the other hand is taking his dear sweet time getting used to Charlie. For a while there I was starting to think that Batman would never be used to Charlie, but late last week Batman jumped up on the bed and slept with us for part of the night. And he's done it again twice this week (on top of all three taking a nap with me too). I think his sudden transformation has something to do with the fact that Nick has stopped leaving his closet door open. Before Batman used to hang out in there most of the day, and now that he is forced to be out among the rest of us he's starting to see that Charlie isn't so bad. Lots of sniffing and what not. Charlie has even started to lick Batman when he walks past. Batman kind of reminds me of how Lulu was acting a few weeks after we got Charlie. Annoyed, but curious. Who knows, maybe by the end of the year they'll all be friends and things will be back to normal?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What did I wear today? Is it summer vacation yet?

Maybe some wishful thinking, but summer vacation is almost here! I have about 2 more weeks and then I'm done with my first year of my PhD and comp exams. Very exciting times. To celebrate, here's an outfit that's a little bit more summery.

Shorts: Banana Republic Outlet, circa 2009
Tank Top: The Gap
Vest: Forever 21, circa 2009
Necklace: Forever 21, this year
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