Friday, June 3, 2011

The latest update on the Farm

It's been a really long time since I've given you all an update on my hoard of animals and I'm happy to report that things are much much better than the last time I wrote about them. Charlie has transitioned into our routine much better and I'm happy to say that we haven't had an accident in the house in weeks. Well, other than when his friend Cubbie comes over and they both get really excited and stuff happens. Cubbie is my friend Mike's dog and they have puppy play dates once a week. Between that and Charlie's weekly visit to doggy daycare (on the day that I'm out of the house all day), he's gotten much better about being around other dogs and people. Still not perfect as we still have some instances where he barks and growls at people, but it's definitely not as bad as it used to be. We recently had some of my friends from New York stay with us and he warmed up to them really quickly. He was already such a sweet pup, and now he's starting to show that to others besides just Nick and myself.

Meanwhile he's getting along much better with Lulu. Last time I wrote about this she was starting to come out a bit and be curious about him. Now she has almost completely come out of her shell around him. When he wants to play she's much more willing to. She'll chase him, and let him chase her a little bit too. Every night they sleep with us on the bed, and once in awhile I've even caught them snuggling.

Batman on the other hand is taking his dear sweet time getting used to Charlie. For a while there I was starting to think that Batman would never be used to Charlie, but late last week Batman jumped up on the bed and slept with us for part of the night. And he's done it again twice this week (on top of all three taking a nap with me too). I think his sudden transformation has something to do with the fact that Nick has stopped leaving his closet door open. Before Batman used to hang out in there most of the day, and now that he is forced to be out among the rest of us he's starting to see that Charlie isn't so bad. Lots of sniffing and what not. Charlie has even started to lick Batman when he walks past. Batman kind of reminds me of how Lulu was acting a few weeks after we got Charlie. Annoyed, but curious. Who knows, maybe by the end of the year they'll all be friends and things will be back to normal?

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