Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review - The Duke Spirit

I think ever since I first heard "The Step and the Walk" by the Duke Spirit I have been on a major girl singer craze. My music playlist transformed from heavy guitar guy fronted rock, to female fronted bands of all kinds. Based on this single alone I started a little bit of an obsession with this album and listened to it non-stop for months. Their influences seem to come from all over the place (more 90s rock with a bit of 60s stuff thrown in), but their sound is decidedly British.

I love the lead singer's voice. It's strong, has a little bit of a late 60s earthy vibe to it, but it's powerful. It's perfect for the bluesy dark rock that it fronts. Mix it with the nautical themes (it is named after the Roman God of the sea) and the tracks about heartbreak and love, and I'd say you have a classic on your hands.

I'm still depressed about getting into the band too late to get tickets for their last tour. But this time, tickets will be bought, and concerts will be witnesses! With a new album to be released in the coming months, I'd say it's at the top of my list for most anticipated records out this year...well...maybe tied with the one Garbage is supposedly supposed to come out with.

Standout Tracks: Send A Little Love Token, You Really Wake Up The Love In Me

I think I need to go add this album back into the mix again. This song is too good not to listen to on a regular basis.

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Jennifer said...

Good song. I totally hate when I get into a band too late to see their tour or I hear about it too late to get the tickets.

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