Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Did I wear today?

This outfit can only be described as the perfect mixing of NY and Cali. Black + crazy colors. Harmony at last!

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Leggings: H&M
Bracelet: Vintage Hand-me-Down from my Mommy

Monday, August 29, 2011

RA Sushi at Huntington Beach

This past weekend Nick and I took a quick drive-by visit to Los Angeles. And when I say a quick drive-by visit, I really mean that. We drove down to my friend Scott's on Friday night, stayed with him, then went to the Getty, then down to Huntington Beach for the afternoon and evening to visit with my friend Ashley, and then up to Simi Valley to see my friends Sarah and Erin, then we took the Coastal Road home. It was a whirlwind trip, and I'm not sure how I feel about LA as a whole considering we barely saw it, but we had fun none the less.

Saturday night, after we spent several hours lounging around like lazy people and swimming in the ocean with Ashley, a group of us headed out to dinner for some sushi (because what else would you have when you're by the ocean but seafood?) at RA Sushi. The crowd was a mixture of beach bums (like us) looking laid back and tanned and townies dressed to the 9s and ready to party. The restaurant had a lounge kind of feel a fully stocked bar with lots of specialty mixed drinks with pop and dance music playing so they were definitely catering to that kind of crowd, but were more than happy to see us and take our money too.

Now, I know seafood in all its forms is better by the beach, but I am super picky about my sushi and I'd like to think that in New York I've had some of the best sushi of my life. Before we went out to eat we talked about some of our favorite places and lamented the closings of some on both coasts. Here in the Silicon Valley I've found a really great place in Mountain View (Momoya Sushi). I have no idea why it's rarely packed, but the sushi is cheap, delicious, and reminds me of one of my favorite places back home.

All that being said, I have really high standards of how I like my rice and what I like in my rolls. If I'm not feeling anything I just get avocado rolls and hope the place doesn't mess that up. But at RA, there were so many interesting special rolls on the menu it was actually hard to choose. I'm not that into spicy things (of which there was plenty of) so that's how I narrowed it down, but it was really impossible. Things like the Tropical roll (cucumber, mango & avocado rolled & topped with spinach tempura, spicy shrimp mixed with masago & mango salsa) and the Lobster shrimp roll (Lobster, cucumber & avocado rolled & topped with shrimp with an Asian pesto sauce) immediately caught my eye. I love sushi with fruit and odd sauces. Although ultimately I went with a Vegetable Tempura roll (Lightly battered asparagus, sweet potato & Japanese eggplant rolled & topped with tempura bits with a sweet eel sauce) and a Philadelphia roll. One of Nick's rolls was the Viva Las Vegas Roll (Kani kama crab & cream cheese rolled in rice & seaweed, lightly tempura battered & topped with spicy tuna, kani kama crab mix & sliced lotus root with a sweet eel sauce & spinach tempura), which is their signature roll and pictured at the left.

Everything we had was great and I left wishing I had more of an appetite to try another 3 rolls, a dessert, and have some drinks too. Maybe on our next visit...

Ok, and now for some pictures from the website of some really amazing rolls (including a dessert one).

Best part is, this place is a chain, so if you check out the website there may be a RA near you! Although I guess that's also the worst part for us too because all of the RA Sushis in California are in So Cal. Sorry, don't like LA enough yet to move down there for a sushi place, no matter how fancy and delicious it is!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Wedge Booties

One of fall's biggest trends actually mixes several past trends into one. Booties + wedges with a twist. Think tough as nails embelishments, or British Countryside (or collegiate depending on where your mind goes) influences, or funky prints. All delishly retro looking. Whether the designer steals with the 60s or 70s, you can't lose.

Here's a few of my favorites that are all $100:


Urban Outfitters:


Forever 21:



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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Everyone's Got a Poop Story

I think growing up everyone had one really good story of themselves doing something hilarious and/or stupid with poop. I personally don't know what mine is, although I'm sure there is one, but I loved to share one about my brother that was more than funny enough for the two of us. And now, inspired by my friend Kerry's recent post about her daughter's soon to be famous poop story, I've decided to share that story of my brother. And I'm sure he'll either laugh a long with us, or kill me the next time I see him. But all in the name of good writing and humor, right?

So around the time when my brother was this age, we had a really hard time potty training him. I say we even though I was about 8 at the time, because it had become such a huge problem that the entire family was involved. My mom did her best to get tips from other parents and read magazines. They said things like reward with candy or make a game out of it and get them to hit a "bullseye" but nothing worked. That kid would just not use the toilet. And even when he was trained at first, he was really only semi trained as he'd continue to go in his pants and have accidents in the most inopportune of public places.

Also of note, it was around this time that my brother was going through his naked phase. That phase when kids are around 2 or 3 where they have to be naked all the time or wear clothes in a nontraditional manner. If my brother was not running around in the buff, he was wearing pants on his head, or t-shirts as skirts (really).

And this leads us to the poop part. Already, you're hearing shirt as a skirt and thinking, "yeah, that's an easy exit right there." Well, you're half right about that. One time my brother and mom were working on puzzles and my brother was squatting over one. When he made this face, looked up at my mom and smiled, then stood up and pointed to the freshly laid present he left her on a brightly colored owl. My mom smiled back at him, then looked down and her face turned to disgust when she yelled, "my favorite puzzle!" Immediately she scooped him up by the arm pits and carried him through the dining room and hallway as my brother laughed and left little bits in a trail, Hansel and Gretel style, to the kids bathroom on the other side of our apartment. As she plopped him down on the toilet, giggles kept coming as he said, "all done."

Moral of the story? Don't let kids wear kilts without undergarments, and take care of those puzzles.

Friday, August 26, 2011

What Did I wear today? - Interview Addition

I've been on so many interviews in my life and I'm so sick of the traditional suit. When I worked at my last job I had the wonderful (for real, I actually enjoyed it) opportunity to interview some new Research Assistants with some of my co-workers. I was more impressed by the kids who came in wearing clothes that looked like themselves and not some ill-fitted suit because "that's what you wear on a job interview." I'm sure some industries are super strict about stuff like that, but not the psychology world.

This past week I've had to go on two interviews for a supplemental practicum. Long story short, to get my license I need to have practice hours as a therapist. These go towards that but also make me look good when I apply to an internship for my 5th and last year of school. So I've been once again pushing my professional outfit making boundaries and seeing what I could come up with that would be conservative and smart looking while also being stylish and true to myself.

Here's the outfit I came up with for the last interview I went on (and I really hope I get it):

Shirt: Express circa 2006
Pants: JCrew City fit circa 2008
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell circa 2008ish?
Belt: Banana Republic
Necklace: Anthropologie

You're hire me right? Those glasses do it? Or maybe it's the kick ass Wilma Flintstone necklace?

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A few wineries + tips when you're visiting Napa

Nick and I are slowly starting to become Napa experts...well...not really. But we are trying! I think when you go to Napa everyone has their favorite places to recommend you and it can be overwhelming. There's so much good wine to drink, so many good views to take in, and so much food to eat. So let me add a few more places to your potential list, plus a tip or two about how I book tastings when we have people coming to visit us.

First off, when you say you're going wine tasting in California anyone who knows wine country will usually first as you, "are you going to Napa or Sonoma?" There are actually two counties that span wine country; and anyone will tell you that Napa is expensive. Sonoma has many amazing wineries, so if you're worried about price don't think you'll be missing out by not visiting Napa. Smaller tasting fees, if there even is one, and most times they waive tastings if you buy a bottle make it great for a budget. I have friends who rarely go to Napa anymore because of this. We have yet to go to Sonoma because we are making our way through the massive list of places on our list in Napa first (plus it's easier for us to get there).

So how do I plan the spots we visit? Generally, depending on time, we try to hit 2-3 a day. One in the morning, stop for lunch, then two more in the afternoon. Because we live South of Napa County and have always stayed in downtown Napa when we've visited, we usually go to the spot furthest North first then make our way South. There's two main roads in Napa (Highway 29/St. Helena Highway and Silverado Trail) that run parallel to each other. 29 gets packed with cars as the day goes on, so I also try to pick places there earlier in the day and then elsewhere later. I also always make sure there is at least one winery on or off of Silverado because the views on that drive are spectacular. Really, it's gorgeous no matter where you are, but it's less developed.

And as I said, always stop for lunch. When you go to a tasting, you usually drink between 1 1/2 - 3 glasses of wine depending on how many varieties to taste and how much the server pours for you. You will be drunk and it will happen fast. Lunch is necessary not only to help slow you down and sober you up, but to pad your stomach so you're not a mess in the afternoon. We usually eat in St. Helena because there are many wineries we like near there and there's some really cool olive oil and vinegar tasting rooms in the downtown area too.

Lastly, the time of year is also important. If you *must* see grapes on the wine, the summer is the time to go, July through early September to be exact. But be prepared to deal with crowds and sometimes it can be HOT. Sitting outside dying and drinking red wine really isn't fun. But you will see a lot of green and there's always summer wines to taste. The off season on the other hand has less traffic, cooler (and unfortunately sometimes rainy) weather, and the vines look like twigs. But you get more personalized service and better deals. So there's pros and cons to each situation.

Here's a few words about some of the places we've been to that we really like:

Casa Nuestra - We liked the wine here, but of all the places on this list it's probably at the bottom (that's not to say it's not good, we've been to about a dozen places at this point, so that's like 5 out of 12), but it's a really cool vineyard. They waive tasting fees if you buy a bottle, tastings are private, by appointment only, and are outside. There's goats and the scenery is gorgeous. Eco friendly too. A really cool place considering many other rooms are busy, high tech, and can be inattentive. (Also dog friendly.)

Trefethen - Our favorite wine ever. We'd join a wine club here if we could. I literally like everything they have. Whites, reds, it doesn't matter. It's all amazing and the main guy who runs the tasting room is really great too. When my family came to visit we took them here and they were raving about how their wine was the best out of all the places we visited. 5 out of 5 of us can't all be wrong. (Also dog friendly.)

Duckhorn - A friend's girlfriend recommended this place to us. It is EXPENSIVE, but the wines are nothing short of amazing. The tasting room is in an old victorian on a quiet country road with beautiful scenery. Against our better judgment we splurged and bought a bottle to open on our 15th anniversary. It might have been the best decision we made that trip.

Cuvaison - A French style winery, Cuvaison has the best Chardonnay ever. Really. I'm not lying. My friend Jen left with two bottles she liked it so much. I've been eying mine for awhile now but am afraid to open it because it's too good to drink on my own. The guy who did the tasting with us was super friendly and we all left extremely drunk, which I'm sure made him happy considering the amount of wine we got. (Also dog friendly.)

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I think that Crepes may be in my top 5 all time favorite foods. A deliciously thin pancake I can stuff with anything I want from savory to sweet or both? How is that not the perfect food? I tend to have phases with foods and will eat one thing non-stop for as long as I can get away with. Sushi, pad thai, anything with smoked gouda cheese, and of course crepes. I'm not in a crepe phase right now, but I'd dangling dangerously on the edge of one. So while I drool for crepes and think about how I have the fixins to make my own for dinner tonight if I wanted to, here's a few of my favorite places to get crepes.

In New York City...

- There are a few savory crepes on their regular menu, but their dessert crepes are out of this world. My normal order when I go there includes the asparagus crepe, then the peanut butter one. The waitstaff must think I'm nuts...just really obsessed.

Creperie - A little whole in the wall place I dragged my family to one of their locations for some crepes after a graduation ceremony when I was finishing up my masters degree. Since then I've been back a couple of times and have tried several different items on their menu, each one more delicious than the next. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the one with Brie, walnuts, and apples.

In Palo Alto...

Stanford Library Cafe - Right outside of Stanford's Green Library there is a food kiosk that has sandwiches, salads, and of course crepes. They are huge, filled with yummy stuff, and cheap.

Crepewine - This is actually a chain and I've been to a couple of different Crepevines. There's lots of different stuff on the menu, but really, why get that other stuff when you want crepes? The Le Delice (cheese and onions), Jamaican (bananas in caramel rum sauce), and Monaco (the old standard Nutella and bananas) are all good but I think the Santorini (Walnuts, pistachios, brown sugar, coconut, cinnamon and mascarpone) is next on my list to try.

Bistro Maxine - I have actually not been here yet but I've got some friends who have been and really like it. This is another little place tucked away on a side street. I've walked past several times and it has a very quaint European feel to it. I'm hoping I can drag Nick there soon. Some menu options that sound good are: La Cévenole (goat cheese, walnut, honey), the Gorgonzola (ham, mushrooms, cream of gorgonzola), and the Crème de marron (chestnut purée).

And if you're like me and you can't wait to go out to the next place and you want to make your own...

Stonewall Kitchen - Search for this at your local specialty food shop, Crate and Barrel, William Sonoma, or just buy online. It's taken me a little bit to get the hang of it, but with a super thin rubber spatula and large frying pan, you can make your own crepes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at home. It takes some time because we do it buffet style which means you cook the veggies first, set out TONS of options on the table, and make each crepe individually (one batch can make anywhere for 6-10 depending on the size you make them---just keep in mind that too big=difficult not to break but too small=not lots of space to stuff), but it's well worth the effort.

Some of our favorite stuffins are:

-Gruyere cheese with mushrooms and onions
-Semi-sweet chocolate sauce or chocolate chips, peanut butter, bananas, and coconut (make sure you nuke for about 10 seconds)
-goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, and smoked salmon

I think I've made up my mind, this is what I'm making for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 under 30 update

It's been a few months since I last wrote about my 30 under 30 goals and I wanted to update you on this since there has been some progress. Nothing major, but still exciting.

1. Never stop playing soccer.
2. Get my PhD.
3. Have a baby, or at least try to have a baby.
4. Go to Hawaii.
5. Pay off credit card debt.
6. Go to France.
7. Find at least two life long friends in California.
8. Maintain my vegetable garden for at least one year.
9. Buy new dining room chairs.
10. Surprise myself with my grades.
11. Keep my current best friends.
12. Restore the ugly orange chair.
13. Do something I always say I'll never do ever.
14. Get an article published that is not my dissertation.
15. Drive the California coast.
16. Host a great weekend or Holiday here with my family.
17. Be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding.
18. Organize my computer files (music, photos, and school stuff).
19. Take a vacation (even just an overnight trip) with just the girls.
20. Learn more about wine.
21. Figure out how to tell a chicken/roast beef/fish/etc. is done cooking just by looking at it.
22. See Radiohead live.
23. Learn how to fancy dance (ie. waltz, salsa, etc.) with my husband.
24. Start saving for a house.
25. Make an Italian meal for my husband's Italian family.
26. Work at least one job that is completely frivolous and fun (ie. not a resume booster).
27. Get into at least 5 new bands every year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
28. Read for pleasure more.
29. Finish my old diary.
30. Start a massive project, and actually finish it.

And here's the progress:

1. Soccer - Still going strong!
4. Go to Hawaii. - So we had done some research into this and had seriously considered going in October for Nick's birthday. But then I looked on the American Psych. Association's website and saw that in 2013 their annual convention will be in Hawaii. We decided to wait on going until then because we will be able to get discounted rates on a hotel and hopefully I'll present something and can get some $$$ from the school to put towards that as well. So semi-done?
7. Make lifelong friends in Cali - I have four really good friends here right now. I'd say they're all good candidates for that.
14. Get an article published that is not my dissertation. - Will be putting forth two applications to our school's IRB for two separate studies that have the potential for at least 3 articles. Also about to submit a poster to a conference. Kinda exciting stuff.
15. Drive the California coast. - We will be doing this on Friday when we head to LA for a quick weekend trip to check out the town and visit some friends. Yay!
26. Have a frivolous job - I think that Anthropologie more than qualifies for this. Done!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

What Did I wear today?

This outfit is kind of old, I might have worn it on my third day of work back at the beginning of July. And you may or may not be able to tell, but I was extremely exhausted. Not hungover thank God, but definitely going on less than four hours of sleep after school work, doctor's appointments, mall shopping, a soccer game, and then a birthday outing for my dear friend Kevin. I wonder, why do I do these things to myself? Because obviously the look on my face and my hair was not pretty. All in the name of being young and good times I guess.

Shorts: TopShop
Shirt: Borrowed from my neighbor
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: H&M

Friday, August 19, 2011

What Did I wear today?

Hard to imagine summer vacation is actually getting close to being over. Some schools are already going back this week. Some colleges start next week. But if you're lucky, like me, you're actually about to start your summer vacation and have two glorious weeks off until you go back to school at the beginning of September. So pumped! Although I will probably pick up an extra day or two at Anthropologie so it won't be too lazy...but at least there will be no homework and no clinic work. Folding clothes and helping people make outfits is a lot less stressful than being a therapist. That's probably the #1 reason I wanted that job. Mindless and fun at the same time.

Here's an outfit to celebrate my upcoming summer "vacation."

Shirt - J.Crew via Jeremy's Thrift/discount/whatever store
Shorts - Forever 21
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - H&M circa 2005
Tank - H&M

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cindy's Back Street Kitchen

When my family was here a couple of weeks ago we went up to Napa Valley to go wine tasting for a few days. My parents, who have visited the Bay Area several times, had never been. Plus my brother turned 21 and my mom figured what a better way to celebrate being of legal drinking age than to get drunk multiple times a day with your family? Well, no, that's not really what she thought, her plan was to educate my brother about wine. But I think the rest of us thought maybe it was the other way around? At any rate, in between drinking you have to eat, right? And besides wine and beautiful views, if there's one thing Napa is known for it's amazing food. We had more than our fair share of places to choose from, and I picked out a few restaurants ahead of time (including my all time favorite Celadon), but this time we did something I rarely do and it paid off in a big way. I didn't plan and instead asked the locals to recommend a few of their favorite places.

The Tuesday we were there we did some wine tasting up in St. Helena (which is in Northern Napa County) and then went into town to show my parents our favorite olive oil and vinegar shops. They are super expensive, but it's nice to go and taste all kinds of yummy sauces and things, and maybe splurge and buy ONE thing. Afterwards I wanted to eat downtown, but we had Charlie which can sometimes pose an issue. Not all restaurants have outdoor seating, and not all places with outdoor seating allow dogs. So we popped over into the local boutique pet store (where my mom, probably because she was drunk, got Charlie some peanut butter treats) and asked where they would recommend. Without hesitation the girl said Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, pointed us in the right direction, and within 5 minutes we were seated and devouring bread (because we were that hungry...and well, it was good bread).

Our waitress was extremely friendly and good to Charlie (bringing him some water and home made dog treats), which always earns brownie points in our book. And the restaurant itself had a homey feeling. It reminded me of being in some tiny whole in the wall town at the restaurant the local matriarch opened up. Comfort food and feelings of home. The one thing that bugged us, though, was the massive amount of flies that would drift in and out of the patio area. There was no food lying around, they probably just knew eventually our food would be delicious and they wanted a piece. At any rate, Cindy's needs to figure out how to deal with that problem because it was definitely annoying. Although in all honesty, it's not enough to keep us from going back because the food was too good to stay away.

So yes, the food. It was delicious. My mother and I both had the grown-up grilled cheese of the day which had two different kinds of cheese, a fig spread, among other things, and was on walnut bread. I think by now you know this, but I love complex foods. Sweet and savory together is my all time favorite flavor combination. So this grilled cheese was probably the best I'd ever eaten in my life. They came with polenta fries, which were also amazing and gave me a great idea for another recipe. When eating them I almost felt like a wild animal, smacking everyone away from my plate who wanted more than the little bit I offered up for a taste. My brother got goat cheese ravioli (which I had also considered ordering and was almost disappointed I didn't because it was that good that it rivaled the best grilled cheese ever). And both my dad and Nick ordered the fried cod sandwich (think fish and chips on a bun), which I didn't try, but they said was good. A family wide hit means we'll definitely be back. This weekend we're going up to Napa again with Nick's brother. I'm starting to think this is where we should go for lunch...

And now, just two pictures of food from their website:

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Online Garage Sale - Phase 17

Items will be listed with their price and details, when it is sold "SOLD" will be listed underneath. Shipping will vary based on size and weight of the item ($1-15) Everything will be shipped via USPS. If interested leave a comment and I will email you an invoice and information on how to pay. If you really want an item and it's a bit out of your price range, leave a comment with your email and we can discuss it. You have 72 hours to respond/pay otherwise the item will be up for grabs again.

Thanks and happy shopping!

$25 - Silk Shirt from Anthropologie
Size 2
Worn Once

$10 - Vintage Cream Blouse
No Size Tags, fits like a L

Vintage 70s Floral Shirt - $10.00
Size 16 (fits like a medium)

$4 - Vintage necklace

$8 - Vintage Gap Purse
Excellent condition - never used

Online Garage Sale - Phase 16

Items will be listed with their price and details, when it is sold "SOLD" will be listed underneath. Shipping will vary based on size and weight of the item ($1-15) Everything will be shipped via USPS. You can pay via PayPal or credit card. If interested leave a comment and I will email you an invoice and information on how to pay. If you really want an item and it's a bit out of your price range, leave a comment with your email and we can discuss it. You have 72 hours to respond/pay otherwise the item will be up for grabs again.

Thanks and happy shopping!

Banana Republic Heather Green Dress - $25.00
Size X-Small

$13 - White and green pinstripe ruffle tunic
Size Small, Worn Twice

Previously Swapped, can't remember what I paid
$10 - White and Yellow Striped Sweater Vest
Size Medium

Previously Swapped
$10 - Cream Baby Doll Dress
Size Small

$25 - Maxi convertable dress
Size Small (but long), worn once

Deviating from the Theme a Bit to shop for Fall

So this is about to throw the whole "Broke" part of this blog out the window...but I was perusing through the Anthropologie website recently and found so many things I am in love with. Why did I get a job at this store? Why is everything so expensive? In my wildest dreams I will not be able to afford 99.9% of these things. But I guess if I could create my own wishlist of stuff here's what would be on it:


The black one has the cutest elephants on it. So tempted to get this during employee appreciation weekend when our discount is much better. And I think that just because this other one has a name we all know and love, someone should get me that for Christmas.

Shirt & Jacket:


I'm obviously into the funky printed pencil skirt trend (it looks good on so many people). That last one is super high on my list for must haves as well.


To kind of match the huge tribal print craze that is going on in fashion right now, funky lucite jewelery is really big as well. Two big trends for Fall are reflected in the last two necklaces here (the first one is a bit summery). Earth tones and chain link with a twist.

(It's a really good thing our store doesn't have a large selection of shoes, otherwise I'd be in serious trouble)

That last pair is calling me. Must resist! Oh, and why must wedge booties be so expensive? I think I've found a good blog entry right there...
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