Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Button!

Look at what I made today!

Young, Broke, and Married

(Yes, I did this instead of reading articles for school. I'm such a bad student.)

I feel slightly more official now.

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4. Scroll down on the "Basics" page until you see, "HTML/Javascript" and click the + box.
5. Paste the code into the box, don't put a title in the box, then click save.
6. Click save on your main design page.

What did I wear today? A Sweater Two Ways

I recently bought a sweater from Forever 21 and have been absolutely obsessed with it. It's little 70s, a little 80s, and very cute. Kind of reminds me of something my mom would wear when I was little. Funny how all that stuff comes back in style again (although this is at least a flattering fit and not super baggy).

I've worn it at least once a week since buying and have styled it soooo many ways. Here's two different looks for you:

Shorts: Sway
Necklace: Modcloth

Turtleneck Tanktop: H&M Circa 2006
Corduroys: JCrew
Booties: H&M Circa 2007

Don't forget, the online garage sale is still going on! Click here for more details.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Update on 30 under 30

I have not posted about this in 2 months! I guess last month was a little crazy busy for me. It was not a fun quarter at school to say the least.

To remind you about my list here it is:

1. Never stop playing soccer.
2. Get my PhD.
3. Have a baby, or at least try to have a baby.
4. Go to Hawaii.
5. Pay off credit card debt.
6. Go to France.
7. Find at least two life long friends in California.
8. Maintain my vegetable garden for at least one year.
9. Buy new dining room chairs.
10. Surprise myself with my grades.
11. Keep my current best friends.
12. Restore the ugly orange chair.
13. Do something I always say I'll never do ever.
14. Get an article published that is not my dissertation.
15. Drive the California coast.
16. Host a great weekend or Holiday here with my family.
17. Be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding.
18. Organize my computer files (music, photos, and school stuff).
19. Take a vacation (even just an overnight trip) with just the girls.
20. Learn more about wine.
21. Figure out how to tell a chicken/roast beef/fish/etc. is done cooking just by looking at it.
22. See Radiohead live.
23. Learn how to fancy dance (ie. waltz, salsa, etc.) with my husband.
24. Start saving for a house.
25. Make an Italian meal for my husband's Italian family.
26. Work at least one job that is completely frivolous and fun (ie. not a resume booster).
27. Get into at least 5 new bands every year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
28. Read for pleasure more.
29. Finish my old diary.
30. Start a massive project, and actually finish it.

And here's the progress:

1. Never stop playing soccer. - Playing in two leagues right now, and possibly a third through school. May have bit off more than I can chew this quarter, but it's ok because I'll figure out which leagues I like and be pickier next season. At least there's options here!
2. Get my PhD. - Always a work in process. 2/3 of the way through year one!
4. Go to Hawaii. - New deals on ticket prices and after speaking with a friend who used to leave there we're narrowing down on booking a trip. Nick and I are going to talk about it this week!
5. Pay off credit card debt. - We might be paying off this large card next month, or at least 95% of it.
14. Get an article published that is not my dissertation. - Starting to write an article with Ellen Fisher-Turk about Phototherapy. And that's besides the research proposal I'm putting together that I hope to turn into a study and possibly 2 separate papers.
16. Host a great weekend or Holiday here with my family. - Due to my cousin getting pregnant I think my family's trip out here is pretty much canceled. I know my immediate family is still coming, but I don't think I want to count that.
24. Start saving for a house. - Does anyone know a free savings account that lets you have a low balance? I think I would like to start doing this but only put in like $10 a month for now. Problem is I don't want to get hit with fees if my balance is below a certain amount.
27. Get into at least 5 new bands every year. - Jenny and Johnny, Best Coast, Bad Books, Mark Ronson and the Business International, and Grizzly Bear. And it's only March! Still so much more music that has been recently downloaded on my computer. Consider this checked for this year!

Monday, March 28, 2011

What did I wear today?

Last summer I was prowling the racks at Forever 21 when a light teal print peaked out at me from amongst a sea of colors. It was a large so I left it behind and searched the entire store for another in a smaller size. I couldn't find another, but the dress was too cute and I figured why not. It probably wouldn't fit so there was no harm in trying it on. Then it turned out the cut of the dress worked as long as I wore a belt. Moral of the story, you never know if it'll work or not, so always try it on!

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Free with coupons, Ann Taylor Loft circa 2005

School starts again today, not sure how ready I feel for that. I guess I better get my tushie in gear so I can catch up on all the work I put off for the past two weeks.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Sunday Brunch fit for more than just the SATC girls

In New York City, Sunday Brunch is an institution. Long before there were four stylish ladies from Sex and the City meeting on a regular basis prompting many others to do the same, brunch was (and continues to be) a tradition of families, post-partiers, and first dates the world over. All the first foods I taught myself to cook were breakfast foods, and I have to admit that brunch is definitely my favorite meal both to eat and to cook. People who visit for an overnight trip are routinely treated with vanilla french toast with fruit, salmon eggs benedict or scrambled eggs with rosemary, a million different kinds of pancakes, bacon, and anything else you can think of.

But this entry is not about the breakfast that I serve (those can come later!). This entry is about a few really amazing places that I have been out to for brunch that put my brunch to shame.

Smorgas Chef - New York, NY - My all time favorite place to go for brunch (although in all honesty, the normal restaurant offerings were not that impressive), the last day Nick and I spent in NYC before our move we started off here. My personal favorite are the Vanilla Waffles that come with Cloudberry (and I always ask for the second one too) and a blueberry/raspberry sauce and of course whipped cream. If you're lucky enough to go to West Village location in the Spring and sit outside, this with a side of Potato au Gratin and some Earl Grey is the perfect start to any NYC morning.

Sarabeth's Kitchen - New York, NY - Not just about the jellies and preserves you see at fancy food stores like William Sonoma, Sarabeth's actually started out as a restaurant in NYC. There's multiple locations now in NY and one in Key West Florida, and all serve up a mean brunch with some of the items including Papa Bear porridge (hot porridge with bananas, fresh cream, raisins and honey), Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes with Fresh Berries, and a Farmer's Omelette with leeks, ham, chunks of potato, and Gruyer cheese.

Strawberry Place - Nyack, NY - A favorite among our friends back home, this little whole in the wall restaurant is known for their breakfasts. Sometimes there's a wait (especially on a nice day on a weekend), but it's well worth it. The breakfast menu is two pages and has pancakes every which way from Tropical offerings to more traditional ones, lots of eggs, and of course, lots of strawberries.

William Penn Inn - Ambler, PA - My Granny lives in Pennsylvania and every time we spend the night into a Sunday morning, we go to Sunday Brunch at the William Penn Inn. With a huge buffet that stretches into two rooms and includes every breakfast food (from fruit to danishes to custom made omlettes) you could possibly want and a great selection of hot lunch and dessert options too, why would you ever consider ordering off the menu they provide too? I'm not normally one to go back for seconds at a buffet, but for this one, I'll usually go for thirds.

Ok, I think I need to go make a killer breakfast now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winner of the Free Friday Giveaway Gift Basket!

I just want to start of by saying thank you so much! I loved reading all of of your entries and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that you guys enjoy the entries.

But only one lucky lady could win this raffle (I chose the winner super scientifically by writing everyone's name down once (or twice) on pieces of paper and putting them in a tall boot and picking one out randomly). And the winner is...


A fellow East Coaster, this was her entry:

Hey Lila! I followed on facebook first, and now blogger. I have printed out a copy and the pictures of your mini pot pie recipe - I love making butternut squash soup, and this is a perfect recipe for the surprise snowfall we've been experiencing on the east coast lately!

It's an awesome recipe. I could eat those forever and not get sick of them. Congrats Kaye!

Here's a sneak peak at the box you'll be receiving:

There's even more underneath all that stuff! Hope you enjoy it.

Sweet Grass Grill

One of my favorite restaurants back home is Sweet Grass Grill. I've been there a few times, each time ordering something different, and have had an amazing meal each time. The restaurant is housed in what used to be an old market back in the late 1800s. The dining room has an old farmhouse feel to it and is very warm and cozy during the winter, but with the modern colors also feels light and open during the summer. It's casual and great to hang out with your mom or friends for brunch, or go out with a group of friends for dinner. But at night when the lights are low, it makes the perfect date night spot too.

The menu changes seasonally (with a few old favorites sticking around) and is sourced from local farms. I have come for brunch, lunch, and dinner. I've tried the french toast, burgers, sausages, salads, chicken, and everything in between and everything has tasted fantastic.

And now a few pictures of food from their website:

I'm writing this on Wednesday in the AM and I still haven't eaten my breakfast yet. Now I really want donuts. Maybe I'll have to make a run to Whole Foods and use Nick and I being home at the same time for the first time in over a week as an excuse to buy some food (including donuts) for a nice dinner and dessert.

Friday, March 25, 2011


This past weekend I went home for a few days. Part business, part pleasure, I was able to spend time with my family and see some friends while also participating in an amazing workshop on Phototherapy.

As some of you know, I’m currently a graduate student studying Clinical Psychology, and I’ve decided to look at various forms of self-created media (photo, video, etc.) as aides in psychotherapy. There’s very little research that exists in this area. About four years ago I began reading articles and researching different aspects and in that time the field has grown, but whereas before there were 0 articles, now there are about 5. So when I contacted Ellen Fisher-Turk (the leader of the workshop I went to and a pioneer in this field) I jumped at the chance to participate in the workshop she gave this past weekend.

The process of Phototherapy, as she practices it, is a relatively short one compared to most forms of therapy practiced by licensed clinicians (Ellen holds a degree in special education but is not licensed by NYS to practice psychotherapy), but it has profound effects. Women contact her suffering from body image and self esteem issues from a broad spectrum of severity and causes. She speaks with them a head of time, then photographs them, goes over the photos, and speaks with them afterwards.

While no in depth research has been conducted, it is clear that there are profound affects on the women being photographed. As part of our participation in the workshop we went through the process, and even I walked away having learned something about myself and an improvement in my overall self-image.

As some of you may remember, last year I took boudoir pictures for Nick’s birthday. I wanted to give him something special and challenge myself as well. This situation was similar only in the sense that someone would be photographing my body, but it was more for me than for someone else. As I watched the women (Sharona Jacobs of Sharona Photo also participated) take my picture and I thought about what it would be like to have an eating disorder and go through this process, I also thought about the stack of artwork I had gone through the night before. My mother is an artist and I wanted to take some pieces home with me for our apartment, specifically some nude sketches she did decades ago. And while the cameras clicked away, I thought about those pictures, the people in them and myself, and I started to feel like art.

Afterwards as I walked around New York City running from one place to another (I had a very late lunch at Ray’s Pizza, then visited the Guggenheim to sneak in a quick visit to see an exhibit on Post-Impressionism, then had dinner with my friend Jen), I reflected on myself further and all I could think was good things. When I watched Sharona go through the process she looked like a Goddess, so sure of herself and so much like a Botticelli painting or a Greek statue. And I hoped that I, eventually, was that comfortable as well. Or at least would be one day.

The next day we received copies of the pictures, looked them over, and discussed how we had felt being photographed and how we felt looking them over. Having now been photographed on three separate times by many different and talented photographers I knew was it was like to feel as if you were not the most photogenic person only to realize that you were all it took was the right person behind the camera. This time, though, was different. The purpose of the pictures was not to be shown off, but to reflect on. As I said before, they were for me, and as I peered over my contact sheets I couldn’t help but be a little surprise and more than a little happy at what I saw. I saw a woman who was actually comfortable with herself (instead of hoping she would be). Someone who was happy, very happy. I didn’t think I needed to be photographed to grow from the process. I don’t have an eating disorder. I am not depressed. And I am finally at a point (and have been for some time now) where I love myself. But taking those pictures and seeing the finished product had more of an effect than I thought they would. I could finally see all those things that I was pretty sure I thought about myself (and I hoped others saw too), and I realized that I need to gain 5 pounds.

The workshop was amazing on a personal level and has also given me so many ideas for my own research and has helped to further direct me with where I want to go with my career. What a good place to be.

Here’s a few photos that Sharona took:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last Day to Enter the Contest!

Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that today is the last day to enter the contest for the free gift basket of goodies! Don't miss out because this basket is awesome! Beauty products, magazines, clothes, jewelry, books, and more. All are eligible as long as you follow through Facebook, Blogger, etc.

Click here for the entry with all the details.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puerto Rican Dinner

One of the first meals I learned how to make was what we in our family affectionately call "Puerto Rican Dinner." My dad is Puerto Rican, and while the follow is probably just just the standard Caribbean food we all know and love (rice and beans, spare ribs, and maduros), to us it's a piece of our family. A recipe handed down from my great-granny and probably even further back.

So if you're ever hankering for some good rice and beans and you don't have a decent Spanish restaurant near you, this is a recipe for an amazing meal hopefully your family will love too.

For the Rice:

Vigo Rice, just follow the directions on the bag (you will need olive oil and water).

For the Beans:

1 Can Goya Black Beans
3 TBSP of Sofrito

2 TBSP of Recaito

A Generous amount of Adobo (I prefer the kind without pepper)

1-2 TBSP of Olive Oil

Heat on High for 5 minutes, then let simmer on low until rice is done. Stir frequently. There is also a good recipe on the can, but with Sofrito and Recaito half your work is done for you already so sometimes I prefer to be lazy.

For the Ribs:
As many spare ribs (pork) as you think you'll need.
Brown sugar
Soy Sauce

Boil the spare ribs for about 20-30 minutes until the meat is cooked. Drain, then put into a large bowl(s). Coat in soy sauce and brown sugar. Let sit for as long as desired. Then either BBQ or Bake until the edge are singed.

For the Maduros:
You can take two routes with this. If you can find the right platanos to use (there are two kinds, one is the maduros which are soft and sweet and usually more expensive and the other is tostones which you fry up, press down, then fry again to make it like a chip) then I'd rather make them fresh. You usually need at least 2 for 4-5 people. Slice and fry/saute in olive oil (be generous with the amount you use, with just a little bit they are dry out and burn more easily) until they start to brown. If you can't find them, use Goya and follow the directions on the box.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What did I wear today?

Considering I plan on posting a lot of my outfits I've decided to stop numbering the posts. I'm already at 7 and I have at least 3 more on my digital camera that I need to upload. Suffice to say I think people don't care when you're on entry #4239.

Today's outfit was one that I wore for class at the school's clinic, so it's obviously more professional. At the time I couldn't find my digital camera (not that they come out that great in my bedroom anyway) and I had to use my phone. So sorry for the odd pose (although that can partially be blamed on Charlie since I was trying to get my shoes in the picture. He was too curious about what was going on and wouldn't budge), blurriness, etc.

Dress: H&M circa 2007, from a post-bad-break-up shopping spree. Considering how much I love this dress, I'd say that break-up was worth it!
Cardigan: New from Forever 21
Footless tights: The Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden
Belt: Modcloth, possibly my favorite belt of all time.

And don't forget to enter the contest! I only have 5 entries so far which makes your chances of winning very good. This gift basket is HUGE and growing by the minute. All you have to do is leave a comment here or on Facebook with some info. So easy, so worth it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Album Review: Ordinary Riches by Company of Thieves

One of my favorite albums last winter/spring was Ordinary Riches by Company of Thieves. I first heard their single, Oscar Wilde, on the radio in New York. Right away that struck a chord with me because it's really hard to discover new music, especially GOOD underground music on the radio in New York City. But the song is so damn catchy, I don't know how anyone could not play it on the radio and not like it in general.

As a whole, Ordinary Riches is a straight up rock record that reminds me a little bit of some of the girl rock bands from the mid 90s. There's no fancy synthezisers, no techno beats, and no over-production. Just heartfelt songs from a four piece band (although at the time there were just 3 band members). The songs deal with topics from the war to relationships and are accessible to everyone regardless of your feelings of both. The music is not pretentious, and that's probably one of the best things about the band. You can like them regardless of the scene you're into, and shouldn't that be what music is all about? Good music for the sake of good music?

Not much more to say about this one, just let the video speak for itself.

Standout Tracks: Pressure, Past the Sleep (so hard to pick just two!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Friday Giveaway!

First off I just want to say thank you thank you thank you to all of you new fans who joined and helped YBM get to over 200 fans on Facebook! And because we did it, as promised, I have a contest for you all to get a free basket of giveaways! Some of the items include:

-Assorted Beauty/Hair styling products
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And you may even find a few extra surprises in there!!

So here's how you enter:

-Leave a comment on this entry with
1. Your favorite YBM entry (it cannot be from the past 7 days) with it's link
2. How you follow (Facebook, Blogger, etc.)
3. Your email so you can be contacted if you win.
-One comment per following platform (for example, if you follow on Facebook you get one comment, if you follow on Blogger you get one comment, etc.) Favorite entry must be different, though!
-Posts to the actual Facebook Page wall will get you an extra entry (one per person). These can be duplicates of what you posted on the blog.
-Winner will be chosen at random from a hat.
-You can be from anywhere in the world to enter.

I will be home in NY for a few days therefore the winner will not be announced until next Wednesday. So you have plenty of time to comment.

And if we can get to 250 fans by Wednesday then I will give away a second basket.

So get commenting!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caffe Molise - Salt Lake City

Finals are officially over! I have about 15 blog entries that I've started and never finished, so I need to get cracking on catching up; especially because as of yesterday I don't have any other entries to rely on for when I'm busy (like when I go home this weekend for a 2-day workshop on phototherapy).

Better get crackin'!


Last summer Nick and I drove cross country via route 80. Each night we stopped off in a different city, one of which was Salt Lake City. In all honesty, Salt Lake City was one place I never had a desire to visit but once we arrived I was taken aback by the beautiful scenery that surrounded the city. And I was surprised by how clean it was! Coming from New York, you think cities are dirty and dark, full of grit and people of all shapes and sizes. Salt Lake City was impeccably clean, open, and empty; it was actually a little weird.

The night that we were there we stayed very close to the downtown area, so we dropped off our stuff in the hotel room and walked around for a little while before bed. I never thought I'd say this about a city, but I actually felt safe walking around. People were nice and actually cared about whether we were lost, had eaten, and were happy. Of course we were lost, hungry, although happy, but we were content to wander until we found our way to something that looked good and/or interesting. Caffe Molise was the spot we ended up picking, and the people inside were just as friendly as the people outside.

The restaurant had a very light and earthy quality to it. It felt as open as the city itself and was a really nice place to decompress after spending eight hours in the car. The menu itself was Italian and everything looked so good! It was hard to decide what to order. Eventually I picked butternut squash ravioli (which last summer was my staple meal) and Nick picked the mushroom polenta. I have to say, one thing that is really nice about being married to Nick is that he lets me eat off of his plate. So I got to try both dishes and they were both absolutely amazing. With a glass of white wine and a full belly I was in heaven and quite relaxed after all the stress of the day. The night before we ate A LOT at a restaurant in Denver, so after a long debate we opted to skip dessert (although looking at the other tables made me a little disappointed in our decision). Overall, it was a great place to go to for a laid back casual meal. Just what we needed to rejuvenate us for the last day of a very long car ride.

And now for a few pictures from their website of food.

Considering I've been eating plain pasta and peanut butter sandwiches for the past two weeks those pictures are making me salivate big time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All about the wedge

I think it's usually about this time that the fashion world goes nuts about the wedge. It's back! But I don't think it's really left for the past several years. Maybe it's because when you think wedge, you think cork, or sandals, or any number of other things that make you think Spring. But wouldn't you want those extra few inches (and easy inches to walk in) when it comes to keeping your pants out of the slush too? Ok, so maybe heels of any kind aren't really the best idea during the winter time. So here's some of my favorite wedges out this season.

From DSW:

From Modcloth:

From Payless:

From Urban Outfitters:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Money Wasters and Savers

Recently we've been coming into a bit of money (finally getting paid from work I did last Fall, tax return, and my upcoming student loan check), which of course has made us say "oh man, now we can buy x, y, and z!" Which in turn makes me very nervous about coming out of money very quickly. So I decided to sit down and think about how we spend our money, how we could be saving it, and just to make me feel better about our skills as a financially savvy couple, how we are smart about it.

5 things we spend the most money on
1. Rent - We opted to live in a nicer apartment in a nicer area so that we a. wouldn't have to move again and spend money on that, b. have lots of nice bonuses to the complex like free gym, 2 pools, free speedy maintenance, great office staff, etc. So I feel semi-justified in this.
2. Food - We don't even spend that much on it, but that's where it goes if we ever have extra.
3. Gas - This is mainly on Nick (not that it's his fault). His commute every day, back an forth, is between 2-2 1/2 hours. I balance us out with a 30 minute round trip twice a week.
4. The pets (especially the dog) - Food, chew toys, cat litter, obedience classes, grooming. Ugh.
5. Clothes - My fault. I am a fashion addict. I generally have been very very good compared to how I normally shop, in the past 7 months since moving here I have spent less than I've spent in years. Solution, don't tempt fate, and it's generally worked.

5 of our biggest wastes

1. Forgetting to turn things off - Nick always forgets to turn lights off (including the outside light by the front door, even during the day time). I always forget to turn the heat off in the bedroom.
2. Forgetting our reusable bags - I know $.20 here or there seems small, but it adds up. That's a free banana or two each time you shop!
3. Eating out for lunch - Nick gets sick of what we have for leftovers, I can only fit 1 meal and 2 snacks in my bag when I'm gone for 11 hours. We each eat out at least once a week (or more sometimes for Nick).
4. Using our credit card for everything - This simultaneously saves us money (because of all the points we rack up and the free swag that therefore comes with it) and doesn't (like around Christmas when we had to pay for presents, social activities at home, etc.). Honestly, if we didn't still have the debt we've been carrying from when Nick lost his job a few years ago this probably wouldn't even be a problem considering 10 months out of 12 we pay off in full every time.
5. Don't carpool to school - Now that I've been making friends with more and more people at school I'm starting to realize how many people live within a mile of me. I already barely drive to school, but I could do my part for our budget and for the environment if I found a carpool partner. As far as Nick goes, no one else in his office would be stupid enough to live that far away.

5 of our biggest savers

1. Netflix - Our social life outside of school parties. $10 a month for movie night multiple times a week.
2. Tupperware/leftovers - We save all take-out plasticware and make large meals that last us many days and therefore many more lunches and dinners. Make that box of pasta count!
3. Summer time heat/AC - In the summer we rarely turn on the AC. During the day I close all the windows and the blinds blocking the heat and sunlight out. Then at night we open everything up and let the cool air rush in and air the place out. If anything the computer room gets a fan going once in awhile. And this way we don't feel so bad on the days when it's so hot that we have the AC on 24 hours.
4. Coupons and sales - Need I say more? I can't remember the last time I paid full price for something.
5. Knowing when to cut stuff out - I'm very good at knowing when to say, "we can't do that right now" or "we can't buy that this week" or "we don't really need that." Self-control is what it's all about.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What did I wear today? #6

Had a little bit of an overhaul yesterday. Just wanted to change things around a bit for Spring!

Also, don't forget to like the Facebook page. I am so close to reaching 200 fans, and once that happens we'll have the giveaway!


I think a New York and California hipster came together and had a baby on this one.

Shirt: Safari style from H&M circa 2009
Shorts: Top shop. Missing button, got a damaged discount (sewed on one from my massive collection) AND a student discount.

I also think that the lighting in our bedroom is horrible and the pictures always come out so grainy! I'm jealous of the girls with blogs who can have their arty significant others or friends take pictures of them. Nick leaves for work at 6am every day and I am lucky with my student's schedule so I get to sleep much later. And no offense to him but when I say things like "please take my picture for the blog," he forgets to do things like get my shoes or turn on the light in the room. I'm going to have to learn how to use my timer and find sunnier places to take pictures of myself...Yes, I've owned a digital camera for 8 years and still don't know how to do that. I have to admit, marrying Nick (who is a computer nerd) has actually made me more technilogically stupid. "Whatever, let Nick figure it out," leaves my mouth often. Suffragettes are rolling over in their grave.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Trends in Action

I know I am completely obsessed with Modcloth. I can't help it; they're clothes are too cute. But I am trying really really hard to check out other stores to make sure you're getting a wide array of clothing options as you search for your Spring wardrobe. I just can't help it if somethings they have exactly what I'm looking for! So here's part 2 of my Spring Fashion 2011 entry. Lots of nautical stripes, black and white contrasts, tribal accessories, and things with retro flair. (Click here for part 1.)

From The Gap:

From Old Navy:

From Banana Republic:

From Urban Outfitters:

From Modcloth:

From the Limited:

From Forever 21:

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