Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Button!

Look at what I made today!

Young, Broke, and Married

(Yes, I did this instead of reading articles for school. I'm such a bad student.)

I feel slightly more official now.

To add to your blog (these directions are for Blogger, but you may be able to figure it out if you know how to edit your template in your Blog host):

1. Copy the code in the scrolling text box.
2. On your main/dashboard page click on "design."
3. Wherever you'd like to add the button click "Add a gadget."
4. Scroll down on the "Basics" page until you see, "HTML/Javascript" and click the + box.
5. Paste the code into the box, don't put a title in the box, then click save.
6. Click save on your main design page.

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