Monday, March 14, 2011

What did I wear today? #6

Had a little bit of an overhaul yesterday. Just wanted to change things around a bit for Spring!

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I think a New York and California hipster came together and had a baby on this one.

Shirt: Safari style from H&M circa 2009
Shorts: Top shop. Missing button, got a damaged discount (sewed on one from my massive collection) AND a student discount.

I also think that the lighting in our bedroom is horrible and the pictures always come out so grainy! I'm jealous of the girls with blogs who can have their arty significant others or friends take pictures of them. Nick leaves for work at 6am every day and I am lucky with my student's schedule so I get to sleep much later. And no offense to him but when I say things like "please take my picture for the blog," he forgets to do things like get my shoes or turn on the light in the room. I'm going to have to learn how to use my timer and find sunnier places to take pictures of myself...Yes, I've owned a digital camera for 8 years and still don't know how to do that. I have to admit, marrying Nick (who is a computer nerd) has actually made me more technilogically stupid. "Whatever, let Nick figure it out," leaves my mouth often. Suffragettes are rolling over in their grave.

1 comment:

Jenni Wells said...

I love love love your mid-waisted floral shorts.

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