Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caffe Molise - Salt Lake City

Finals are officially over! I have about 15 blog entries that I've started and never finished, so I need to get cracking on catching up; especially because as of yesterday I don't have any other entries to rely on for when I'm busy (like when I go home this weekend for a 2-day workshop on phototherapy).

Better get crackin'!


Last summer Nick and I drove cross country via route 80. Each night we stopped off in a different city, one of which was Salt Lake City. In all honesty, Salt Lake City was one place I never had a desire to visit but once we arrived I was taken aback by the beautiful scenery that surrounded the city. And I was surprised by how clean it was! Coming from New York, you think cities are dirty and dark, full of grit and people of all shapes and sizes. Salt Lake City was impeccably clean, open, and empty; it was actually a little weird.

The night that we were there we stayed very close to the downtown area, so we dropped off our stuff in the hotel room and walked around for a little while before bed. I never thought I'd say this about a city, but I actually felt safe walking around. People were nice and actually cared about whether we were lost, had eaten, and were happy. Of course we were lost, hungry, although happy, but we were content to wander until we found our way to something that looked good and/or interesting. Caffe Molise was the spot we ended up picking, and the people inside were just as friendly as the people outside.

The restaurant had a very light and earthy quality to it. It felt as open as the city itself and was a really nice place to decompress after spending eight hours in the car. The menu itself was Italian and everything looked so good! It was hard to decide what to order. Eventually I picked butternut squash ravioli (which last summer was my staple meal) and Nick picked the mushroom polenta. I have to say, one thing that is really nice about being married to Nick is that he lets me eat off of his plate. So I got to try both dishes and they were both absolutely amazing. With a glass of white wine and a full belly I was in heaven and quite relaxed after all the stress of the day. The night before we ate A LOT at a restaurant in Denver, so after a long debate we opted to skip dessert (although looking at the other tables made me a little disappointed in our decision). Overall, it was a great place to go to for a laid back casual meal. Just what we needed to rejuvenate us for the last day of a very long car ride.

And now for a few pictures from their website of food.

Considering I've been eating plain pasta and peanut butter sandwiches for the past two weeks those pictures are making me salivate big time.

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Arielle Aimee said...

SLC! I live about 40 minutes from there. LOVE IT!

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