Friday, March 11, 2011

Restaurant Review: Cafeteria

I try really hard to be healthy, honestly I do, but sometimes it seems like all I want to do is eat really greasy fatty foods. Mac and cheese, pizza, pancakes with the works piled on top, anything with bacon. I think that Paula Dean may secretly be my grandmother. And I will definitely have heart disease when I get older because right after I eat my yogurt with berries and nuts for breakfast, I have something with cheese, bacon, and butter for lunch.

If I want to go out to eat with friends, sometimes we're pretty split on what we want. If it's the summer I tend to be more healthy because who wants to eat comfort food when it's 100 degrees outside? But during the winter some of my friends still want to eat like rabbits, just salad, or something equally as small. There is a restaurant that does keep us all happy, though, Cafeteria.

I discovered Cafeteria a few years ago from an old friend. It is open 24-hours making it the perfect place to go for food after you've been out all night, a great brunch place, or a place to go before you go out. And obviously the built in bar helps with 2 of those 3 options. And considering you can get amazing silver dollar pancakes at 4am, you can get brunch any time too. Most recently I went to Cafeteria with Nick after we went clubbing with some of my cousins. I was really tempted to get their Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls because they're made with smoked gouda (just like my mac and cheese), but I opted for the silver dollar pancakes (which was always my favorite) with an appetizer of stuffed dates (also amazing). Nick got a burger, and I can now say I've tasted just about every burger on the menu (you can honestly order any of them and be happy). While I haven't tried everything on the menu (it's huge, it would take me months of going on a regular basis to do that), everything I've tried is good and the additions that were added in between the last time I went (while was awhile ago) to the last time I went recently, have only made it that much more mouth watering.

One thing to note before you go, once it's partying hours there are doormen out there. You will have to wait, and while they take anyone, it doesn't hurt to be dressy (which is a little ridiculous considering the decor is very minimal and there are plastic chairs). But maybe it's the food and the celebrity sightings?

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