Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Friday Giveaway!

First off I just want to say thank you thank you thank you to all of you new fans who joined and helped YBM get to over 200 fans on Facebook! And because we did it, as promised, I have a contest for you all to get a free basket of giveaways! Some of the items include:

-Assorted Beauty/Hair styling products
-Hair Accessories

And you may even find a few extra surprises in there!!

So here's how you enter:

-Leave a comment on this entry with
1. Your favorite YBM entry (it cannot be from the past 7 days) with it's link
2. How you follow (Facebook, Blogger, etc.)
3. Your email so you can be contacted if you win.
-One comment per following platform (for example, if you follow on Facebook you get one comment, if you follow on Blogger you get one comment, etc.) Favorite entry must be different, though!
-Posts to the actual Facebook Page wall will get you an extra entry (one per person). These can be duplicates of what you posted on the blog.
-Winner will be chosen at random from a hat.
-You can be from anywhere in the world to enter.

I will be home in NY for a few days therefore the winner will not be announced until next Wednesday. So you have plenty of time to comment.

And if we can get to 250 fans by Wednesday then I will give away a second basket.

So get commenting!


Patty said...

My favorite entry was the What I am wearing #1. I loved the start of this feature!

Miavitabella0248 said...

Hi! Okay, I follow you via blogger. My favorite post was this one

I live a trainride away from NYC and didn't know this place existed; I'm a big fan of mac n cheese.

My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

I liked the post about your favorite book-
I've never heard of Gloria but a female Catcher sounds right up my alley! shavit.levine [at]

Samantha said...

1. The post about you not making your bed. XD I wish that's what stopped me from making mine...

2. Facebook

Oru said...

My favorite Entry was the Tea Party Baked Goods one. Simply - I . Love . Tea Parties .

I follow Via Blogspot.... and on Facebook. Though mostly Blogspot.

Patty said...

Looking at the other entries I don't think I did it right...
I follow on blogspot, facebook, and I'd follow on twitter if you had one ;)
and my favorite entry is in the first post.

Janis said...

1. favorite YBM entry: pasta w/ peanut sauce recipe. it looks delish and I am still waiting to try this (just been too busy, but its totally on my list to-do!! maybe this week!!)

2. I follow on facebook...and then sometimes just pop onto the blog to see what's new.

3. email is

Faith said...

I follow via Facebook, and my favorite entry is the one about Pavlovas, because it's one of my favorite desserts to make for a special occasion:

faithad (at) gmail (dot) com

Faith said...

I also follow via Blogger, so my other favorite entry is "One Shirt Two Ways". I love mixing up my wardrobe and restyling old pieces in new ways, so it's always cool to see how others do it.

faithad (at) gmail (dot) com

Kristin said...

Great contest! I follow via blogger (and often read it on Google Reader), and my favorite entry is "Two Tasting Places" (, because I love your entries about Napa, I love wine, and I love the way you compare two things (cupcake places was another favorite!). My email is kristin [dot] maffei [at] gmail [dot] com.

kmmms said...

Hey, as you know I follow via Blogger and FB. At least I think I do, I am still getting to grips with Blogger since I moved. Anyway, I am loving all the WIWT posts as I am trying to break out of my fashion rut and I always get inspired by your outfits, because they look totally wearable and fashionable. Is it okay to say all of those posts? If not then specifically WIWT #4.
Watch me tempt the spambots, I know no fear. ;o)

Karin said...

A friend of mine helped me find you and I am hooked. I follow via Blogger and Facebook. I love your what I wore today posts.

jess said...

my favorite post by far has been the 30 under 30 post ( it inspired me to make my own 30 under 30 list which i've always got in the back of my mind and hope to complete by 6/10/14. i follow via blogger and facebook. email is

BecomingDomestic said...

I don't know if I'm too late or not, but... my favorite post is "DIY Wall Art" ( from 12/18/10. We just moved and our walls are so bare, I keep meaning to do something like this. I follow you through Google Reader.

Alana said...

Hey! My favorite post is this What I Wore Today: I love that shirt! It makes me think of an old science fiction movie. Pretty amazing. I'm following via Google Reader. My email is

Kaye said...

Hey Lila! I followed on facebook first, and now blogger. I have printed out a copy and the pictures of your mini pot pie recipe - I love making butternut squash soup, and this is a perfect recipe for the surprise snowfall we've been experiencing on the east coast lately!

- Kaye/

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