Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sasquatch is Real Speaks

I think it's pretty obvious that this blog has not been about political things. I've made some commentaries about the mental health community over the last several months, but have purposely stayed away from the political arena because 1. that's one of those things that you don't talk about unless you want to start a fight and 2. this blog is about foofie happy things and politics are generally anything but.

But today it came to my attention that my brother is famous! That's right, internet famous. And as a proud sister, I just had to share this and set the record straight on a few things (and hopefully several people will get a good laugh because I know I have been laughing so hard for the last hour I'm crying and the animals have fled my side because they're more than a little bit freaked out at the volume of my laughter).

My brother, Anthony, is this kid:

If you have access to view his profile pictures, you will see that the description of the picture says "Me, protesting the Mosque protesters on 9/11/2010." I know that several of my friends have been offended by this, as they hold what happened to our country on 9-11 to be a sacred untouchable event. Don't get my wrong I still dislike talking about what happened on that day. Having friends whose family members passed away and anxiously waiting by a phone for hours wondering if my own mother was alive will stay with me for the rest of my life. But at the same time, I'm also of the "make love not war" camp.

So, we all had a good laugh because we know my brother and all assumed his attentions were to poke fun at the Mosque protests and be ironic and clever in the same way that people like Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park do. Then this idiot, wrote a blog about how my brother is an Anti-Semite which sparked a bit of an internet firestorm.

Blog 1
Blog 2
Blog 3
Blog 4 - The last comment is gold on this blog
Blog 5
Blog 6

As you can see from the comment my brother left one of the blogs, he is not an Anti-Semitic Israel hating illiterate young man.

"Hey, errybody. Just so ye know, I am that kid with the sign. I go to Pace University (only a few blocks away) and visited the protests on 9/11. I found the amount of hatred wafting around in the area to be completely ridiculous as the Muslim Community Center has just as much of a right to be there as any other building, and decided to poke fun at the entire protest. ((As a side note I'd like to point out that this Community Center was already there and essentially they are just changing the purpose of the space))

I went to CVS and bought the sign and a marker and since I believe that Sasquatch is real I wrote it out and went back to spread the word of Bigfoot. The sign has absolutely nothing to do with Israel whatsoever and it was chosen for the sole purpose of being a completely ridiculous thing to be "protesting," which reflected my feelings on the protests that were happening there to begin with.

The idea that people can take an innocent "Sasquatch Is Real" sign as something politically, racially, or ethnically charged is pretty disconcerting and makes me feel like Americans are looking to cause problems wherever possible.

I have no problem with Israel or it's mainly Jewish population (I'm in a Jewish themed band), I was simply ridiculing the stupidity of the protests.

Also, I obviously know the difference between spelling "Israel" and "Is Real." Do you really think that kids these days are that stupid?"

So if you want, he's going back to Ground Zero this year and if you understand his message of acceptance and peace, feel free to join in.

Get your yard sign here.
Or shirts and other paraphernalia here

As a side note, I'd like to point out that he doesn't get royalties for those things. It's a shame, college tuition is expensive.

He now has a Facebook page for this. Click here to see.

2nd Update:
I had some info mixed up which has now been fixed (I apologize for that), and apparently my links do not work even though they correct. ::Scratch head::

Here's the links that are broken and that should make life easier:

Blog 1:
Blog 4:
Blog 5:
Blog 6:


repsac3 said...

Wait!!! Lila!!! STOP!!! You've got the story a little twisted!!!

Your blog link 6 (American Power) is where it all technically started... It was at that site and post where Donald Douglas first crafted his attack on your brother, saying he was an anti-semitic guy who thinks Israel is a myth, just like Sasquatch...

After he was pretty much universally criticized (beginning with the guy at Brain Rage--who was more'n'likely the first to come to your brother's defense, and is most certainly NOT an idiot--Donald Douglas scrubbed all mention of your brother and his picture at his post (link 6), and tried to pretend it never ever happened... It was only because of the guy at Brain Rage and the other sites you listed (and others) that the Sasquatch Israel story is still being told...

Also, some of your links don't work... (There's some added text in 'em)

"this idiot" (who's NOT an idiot... If you change nothing else, please change that, to reflect what actually happened...)

Blog 1 link: Sadly, No! � Moo! Moo!! Mooooo!!! (UPDATED)(AGAIN)

Blog 4 link: …also, it turns out that ‘To Serve Man’ is a cookbook. Who knew? | TBogg

Blog 5 link: bjkeefe: Donald Douglas Loses The Internet

Last question... Is the cafe press shop his, at least? Cause if so, I'll buy another shirt... (Yeah, I already bought one... That's how committed I am...)

Lila said...

Thanks for the clarification! I had so many links I was posting that I got them up in the wrong order. I will quickly change that now. Sorry about that!

Lila said...

PS. No, that's not his shop. Have no idea who started it.

repsac3 said...

Everybody works now except link 5 (look at the link and edit the word "loses")

Kevin Robbins said...

Lila, thank you from the bottom of my black nihilist heart for refreshing the boundless hilarity that was "Sasquatch Israel." Best of luck to you and your brother. He has a well deserved place in the halls of internet traditions. Sorry he's not making a few shekels off the shirts, though.

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