Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 under 30 update

It's been a few months since I last wrote about my 30 under 30 goals and I wanted to update you on this since there has been some progress. Nothing major, but still exciting.

1. Never stop playing soccer.
2. Get my PhD.
3. Have a baby, or at least try to have a baby.
4. Go to Hawaii.
5. Pay off credit card debt.
6. Go to France.
7. Find at least two life long friends in California.
8. Maintain my vegetable garden for at least one year.
9. Buy new dining room chairs.
10. Surprise myself with my grades.
11. Keep my current best friends.
12. Restore the ugly orange chair.
13. Do something I always say I'll never do ever.
14. Get an article published that is not my dissertation.
15. Drive the California coast.
16. Host a great weekend or Holiday here with my family.
17. Be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding.
18. Organize my computer files (music, photos, and school stuff).
19. Take a vacation (even just an overnight trip) with just the girls.
20. Learn more about wine.
21. Figure out how to tell a chicken/roast beef/fish/etc. is done cooking just by looking at it.
22. See Radiohead live.
23. Learn how to fancy dance (ie. waltz, salsa, etc.) with my husband.
24. Start saving for a house.
25. Make an Italian meal for my husband's Italian family.
26. Work at least one job that is completely frivolous and fun (ie. not a resume booster).
27. Get into at least 5 new bands every year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
28. Read for pleasure more.
29. Finish my old diary.
30. Start a massive project, and actually finish it.

And here's the progress:

1. Soccer - Still going strong!
4. Go to Hawaii. - So we had done some research into this and had seriously considered going in October for Nick's birthday. But then I looked on the American Psych. Association's website and saw that in 2013 their annual convention will be in Hawaii. We decided to wait on going until then because we will be able to get discounted rates on a hotel and hopefully I'll present something and can get some $$$ from the school to put towards that as well. So semi-done?
7. Make lifelong friends in Cali - I have four really good friends here right now. I'd say they're all good candidates for that.
14. Get an article published that is not my dissertation. - Will be putting forth two applications to our school's IRB for two separate studies that have the potential for at least 3 articles. Also about to submit a poster to a conference. Kinda exciting stuff.
15. Drive the California coast. - We will be doing this on Friday when we head to LA for a quick weekend trip to check out the town and visit some friends. Yay!
26. Have a frivolous job - I think that Anthropologie more than qualifies for this. Done!

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