Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Deviating from the Theme a Bit to shop for Fall

So this is about to throw the whole "Broke" part of this blog out the window...but I was perusing through the Anthropologie website recently and found so many things I am in love with. Why did I get a job at this store? Why is everything so expensive? In my wildest dreams I will not be able to afford 99.9% of these things. But I guess if I could create my own wishlist of stuff here's what would be on it:


The black one has the cutest elephants on it. So tempted to get this during employee appreciation weekend when our discount is much better. And I think that just because this other one has a name we all know and love, someone should get me that for Christmas.

Shirt & Jacket:


I'm obviously into the funky printed pencil skirt trend (it looks good on so many people). That last one is super high on my list for must haves as well.


To kind of match the huge tribal print craze that is going on in fashion right now, funky lucite jewelery is really big as well. Two big trends for Fall are reflected in the last two necklaces here (the first one is a bit summery). Earth tones and chain link with a twist.

(It's a really good thing our store doesn't have a large selection of shoes, otherwise I'd be in serious trouble)

That last pair is calling me. Must resist! Oh, and why must wedge booties be so expensive? I think I've found a good blog entry right there...


Anonymous said...

That is a lot of really cute stuff. I love the black dress with elephants, and the black and white shoes.

Honestly, though, I don't much like Anthro in general. The prices don't make sense to me. Obviously, my closet is full of stuff from Old Navy, which says a lot I'm sure.

I enjoyed this entry none the less.

Lila said...

I totally agree with you on their prices. It's unfortunately because I really love their clothes. But I can't afford to shop there even with my 40% discount. That's why I wait for sales + employee appreciation weekend. Then I get belts for $5 and we all win.

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