Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review - Best Coast

What's better for the summer than surfer music? Best Coast's debut album Crazy for You is just that. A mix of low-fi garage rock with California beach music, the album is full of short rockin' tunes that will make you feel like you should be polishing your board and looking for the next big wave. Or if you're not by the beach, like you should be BBQing and cracking open a beer by the pool.

Best Coast is part of the latest wave of low-fi rock that gets it's inspiration from 90s grunge and 60s surfer rock. Except unlike a lot of the bands out there that just throw something together and hope part of it sticks, Best Coast's songs are catchy with just enough fuzz to add an effect rather than completely drown out everything to the point of annoyance. Maybe that's why Best Coast is so well received by fans and critics alike. Half the songs could be singles, and each one in appealing in its own way.

The band comes from LA, and it really shows as the songs drip with what it means to be from California. When I first got the record, every time I popped it in I felt like a real Californian. All I had to do was put on some board shorts and get a tan...although it was winter at the time, and cloudy, and rainy, so that wasn't about to happen, haha. Maybe that's why I think this album is so great for any time. It sounds great for when you want to chill by the pool, but if you want to chill when it's rainy and you want to be lazy it fits that mood too. All in all a really good record that I think anyone who likes rock music can enjoy.

Standout Tracks: Boyfriend, Goodbye, When the Sun don't Shine

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