Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post-Birthday Recovering

Saturday was my favorite day of the year, even before Christmas, my birthday! Anyone who knows me knows that birthdays are a really big deal for me. Not only do I go all out in celebration of mine, but I go all out in celebration of others as well. People get gifts, sappy cards, lots of hugs, baked goods, and anything else I can to make them feel special. For my brother's 21st birthday he was here in Cali rather than home with his friends getting wasted, so after a huge meal I made him go out with me and my friends. He didn't drink until he cried, but at least he got to go out and drink with people who weren't his parents. When my roommate's birthday came around I had only lived with her for a couple of weeks, but that didn't stop me from buying her a box of Sprinkles cupcakes in addition to her gifts. I don't think she was expecting it, but I know it made her smile. And when my friend Mike's birthday came, he DIDN'T want to celebrate (keep in mind his birthday is 2/29, why would you not want to celebrate on your ACTUAL birthday?!). To which I said, that's not acceptable, and I made him go out to dinner where he got a free dessert and a "happy birthday" from the sweet little old lady waitress. So yes, birthdays are a big deal for me.

Last year I had three celebrations for myself. One the weekend before (a tea party), one the day of (just dinner out), and one the weekend after (an 80s themed dress up party). Basically, I couldn't make up my mind. This year things are too hectic for all of that celebrating, and with my birthday on a Saturday I essentially had the day off to do whatever I wanted. I played soccer and went out to eat/drink with friends, got tons of birthday wishes in all modes of communication, and received numerous gifts.

Maybe it's because I always had great birthdays growing up, but I always feel like birthdays should be really special for everyone. Everyone should know how much they are loved and appreciated, theoretically all the time, but especially on days that are for celebrating you. I always hope to make my friends feel good about themselves, and I know mine did that for me. By the end of the evening (and several glasses of wine) I was feeling REALLY good and professing my undying love for everyone there, and some how magically was not hungover the next day (and still managed to cook an amazing Easter brunch). Really it was the perfect day. I'm a lucky girl these days.

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Ioana-Carmen said...

This is so nice darling! What do u say about following each other?:X


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