Saturday, July 4, 2015


Much of the past two months have been spent packing and then unpacking for another long distance move related to school. Let it be known across the land that I hate moving. Please add on to that statement about how it is exponentially worse to move with an infant.

In college I was the type of person who could not sleep unless everything I moved with was completely unpacked. The move into the dorm at the beginning of the semester. The move home at the end of the year. An entire car full of belongings was always in its designated space before I could relax no matter what time I arrived home after a long day of finals and 3 hours of driving. This is not the case when you have to juggle a baby who is going through a growth spurt, teething, and off his schedule with the fact that you do not have a dishwasher or any idea where any of your belongings are.

Now that things have settled down (we are in the new place almost 2 weeks now) life is less hectic, despite an increase in drool and accompanying pain for Little Guy (my heart breaks for him). I now understand why when my parents bought their house we stayed with my grandparents for 3 days. Moving with children is not recommended...I really hope we only have to do a long move like this one more time (to go home).

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