Friday, October 15, 2010

Contest Winner!

The day is finally here when I announce the winner of last week's birthday contest!

As stated in last week's entry, the winner gets a $50 gift certificate to Jennifer Morais Photography to use on any photoshoot they'd like. And as an added bonus if they liked her page on Facebook the winner would also get a free 8x10 print.

To remain fair and impartial I copied all the comments you left me last week and took names out and anything else that might let Nick know who it was and then sent him the comments to pick from. He chose the following comment left by Gina:

"if i was lucky enough to win this i would use it for b pics..i never saw them 'til i joined liw (Long Island Weddings) and after seeing all the girls no matter what they look like every single one was sexy and gorgeous. i really want to do this because i am a hockey loving sweatpants wearing ponytailed tomboy and i would love for dh (Dear Husband) to see a sexier side of me. i may not be a size 0 or a supermodel but i will try to make them as "boneriffic" as yours were!!!..i also have a friend who is getting married and i would def take her with me cause she is interested in doing them too."

Nick picked this entry because he liked how Gina wanted to take a risk and step outside of her comfort zone to do something different to surprise her husband.

Congrats to Gina! An email has been sent to you and Jennifer so you can link up and start planning. Can't wait to see your transformation and the results!

1 comment:

Jennifer Morais - JMPNY said...

WOO HOO!!! Congrats to Gina!! I hope to meet you soon!!! Thanks Lila for the fun contest!!! I am so glad to be a part of it.

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