Friday, December 2, 2011


Holy crap it is December already! How did this year go by so fast? I feel as if I blinked and it went from August to December that quickly. What did I even do last month? I can't remember, it flew by too fast.

Although, you know what, if it's going to be any month of the year that sneaks up on me, let it be December. December is my happy month, my favorite month. I know most people usually pick the month of their birthday as their favorite (mine is in April by the way), but not me. December = Christmas, snow, presents, general happiness floating around the human population, cinnamon and evergreen tree smells, mittens, fresh baked cookies, family meals, movies you only watch once a year, and my personal favorite: people getting drunk on wine and giving big hugs telling you how much they love you.

You know how much I love Christmas? When everyone dressed up as something cool for Halloween, this is what I was:

Yeah, I can see the resemblance.

Bah-humbugs be damned, you will not ruin my month and the constant hypomanic state I am in because of it. At least wait until after Christmas to do that.


jas said...

such fun pictures!

Kate Strohm said...

My favorite month isn't the month of my birthday either. =] My birthday is in April too, but my favorite month is September. =]


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