Friday, June 15, 2012

Restaurant Review: Zucca

There's not a lot of restaurants in downtown Mountain View that are not Mexican, East Asian, etc. I guess that's what happens when you live in a California town. You're influenced by the locals in just about every way from architecture to food. It definitely gives the area its own flavor, but in all honesty, that food is not my thing. I like savory stuff a lot better (think Italian, French, Spanish, etc.). So when the time came to pick out a place for my birthday I had the difficult task of finding a place that not only served that kind of food but also could fit a group of 10+. After calling around two towns and 10 restaurants later I stumbled upon Zucca. I have walked through town so many times and for whatever reason this place didn't stand out to me (I didn't even realize it existed) so I wasn't sure where it was or how good it would be. The food ended up being really delicious (mediteranean - both Italian and Greek). We tried the appetizer platter, cheese plates, ravioli, burgers, salads, and just about any other dish you can think of. There were no complaints from anyone at the table. The hospitality was also excellent. I tried really hard to avoid being sung to and the waitstaff would not let me do that. When I didn't order dessert they brought over small glasses of champagne for everyone and forced the Birthday Song on me. Definitely a place I would go back to for a large party, a visit from my parents, or a future date night (and maybe then I'll actually order a dessert).

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