Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is this thing on?

This blog has been so defunct for at least three years now. Aside from the random entry here or there I have been way too busy with school and life to keep up.

My life has also considerably changed. I started this blog to try to learn to keep a budget and still live a nice life (which is still a goal of mine considering I am mainly dependent on student loans); but the circumstances of that life has been in constant flux. Things are relatively settled now (or as much they can be while I juggle being a new mom AND trying to finish up my doctoral degree which means moving constantly for training), but I still have little time to write. Despite this, I still want to write.

As part of our schooling we're often told about "self-care." Think about the analogy that is often used of the airplane oxygen mask. You are supposed to put your own mask on before you put the mask on of someone who can't that you are traveling with. This is to ensure that you survive and can continue to take care of that person (whether it is the simple action of putting their mask on or the more complicated one of surviving a crash and living on a tropical island with polar bears for three years). Writing has always been one of those things that is self-care for me (along with soccer, cooking, and drinking a lot of wine). Well, for the last several months 2 of those 3 things were not an option but a number of things prevented me from getting my act together to sit here and write. And now that I spend many hours a day holding a sleeping baby too small for a wrap, swing, or even his car seat, I have plenty of time to at least think up things to say.

So, yeah, I hate to be that mom who is says, "hey, I have a new baby! I am full of wise gems now that I think I know everything about life! (because having that baby suddenly granted me with the wisdom of all moms everywhere)," I sort of am that mom. Except I think the train of thought that I had was, "I need an outlet so I can share my demented thoughts with someone other than my half drunk with exhaustion husband." Even if that someone is just my laptop and my grandmother.

I can't guarantee regular updates because even now I am only able to write since I am home alone (work is being done on our apartment so hubby took the baby to my parents') and have finished my homework for the day. But at least there will be updates, and for now that's a start.

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