Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Real Music for Babies

Within the first two weeks of Little Guy's life my dad says to me, "so what music are you playing for this guy to educate him?" I think, 'Dad, he's less than a month old. I'm not sure he cares as long as it's not scary sounding.' But my dad is a musician with little cognitive flexibility (despite this he is still a killer drummer able to think on his feet and improvise---why can he not do this about how to do laundry and vacuum?!) so the idea of not having music around a child is inconceivable.
The truth is, though, he did a pretty good job with my brother and I. We are both major music nerds in our own right. I can still remember the first rock and roll songs on the first mixed tape he made me (I was three), the first Beatles song I loved, the home-made recording "studio" I made out of Fisher Price tape decks, singing Michael Jackson as my show and tell at school, among a host of other music-themed memories---including a lack of child-specific music. These are all things I want for my son.

My issue, though, is that he sleeps constantly. So I needed to pick out music to play that would not cause nightmares (because he would sleep through it; he would just body jerk at every loud moment) and that I could tolerate hearing over and over and over again (I'm not ready to listen to insert pop art here sings nursery rhymes and lullabyes). Thus, like any good music nerd and former college radio DJ would, I made a mix. Granted my mix is about 8 hours long, but here is a small smattering for those of you who are interested in giving your brain/ear buds a break while soothing and educating your child:
1. Le Tombeau De Couperin - 1. Prélude  - Ravel 
2. Concerto In D Minor For Oboe. Strings I. Andante e spiccato - Alessandro Marcello
3. Jade Visions (Take 2) - Bill Evans Trio
4. Gloria's Step [Take 2] - Bill Evans Trio
5. Blue Ridge Mountains - Fleet Foxes
6. Mother And Child Reunion - Paul Simon 
7. Wheels - Jamie Cullum
8. Mind Blindness - Dirty On Purpose
9. Eleanor Put Your Boots On - Franz Ferdinand
10. The Next Time Around - Little Joy
11. I'll Follow the Sun - The Beatles
12. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
13. I Still Care For You - Ray LaMontagne
14. Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran
15. Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis
16. Pink Moon - Nick Drake
17. Those to Come - Shins
18. Aqueous Transmission - Incubus

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