Friday, November 19, 2010

Great gift idea for your Thanksgiving Hostess

(or for Christmas), up to you!

My family loves to give gifts to a fault. Any excuse to buy something and we are all over it. Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, getting into grad school. Everything must be celebrated. When Nick and I were first dating it actually drove him crazy. He came from a family that had nothing and he didn't get how my family could be so extravagant. My family hasn't always had money, but I always appreciated whatever they gave me. I know that sounds a little spoiled, but I always looked at it from the view point that gifts in our family came from love not from the desire to just spend money. You go to visit someone who is letting them stay in your house, you bring them a little something to say thank you. It's Valentine's Day and you want to tell your family you love them too, so you get them a box of chocolates. Nothing major, just a simple act to show that you care.

That being said, with Thanksgiving less than a week away, my mother of course bought Nick and I a gift, and my aunt also got a gift for her daughter. Each of them are hosting the holiday at their house (one in New York and the other in Illinois) so I won't be partaking in their Holiday feast, but if I could, and I had to get them a gift, I think the following would make the perfect hostess gift...

My friend, Katrina, worked for Dena Designs after graduating from college and while there designed an apron:

She recently was given permission to sell the PDF on Etsy. And after reading one of the latest blog entries on Modcloth, I got me thinking, what else makes the perfect hostess gift than a cute apron and an easy recipe?

In Mod Cloth's entry they mention a great way to reuse glass jars by filling it with the ingredients of one of your favorite baked goods. Tape the directions onto the jar, put a ribbon on it. That coupled with a cute apron makes the perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift (and the whole thing probably cost less than $15 with tax).

Who said showing love had to be extravagant?

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