Saturday, November 13, 2010

Who knew it could be so romantic?

Normally when you think about looking at old family photos and home movies you cringe. You get the picture of a middle aged dad standing next to the TV with the remote as he describes each scene in painful detail as people fall asleep on the couch. Seriously, no one cares about the guy who made wire desk ornaments next to the Virgin Mega Store in London; and did you even watch this before you transferred everything over? There's a whole scene of us walking in the city and all you can see is your boob, your foot, and the sidewalk. By the way, tube socks and shorts were never a good look. (Yes, these are real life scenarios I have had to watch.)

Before we moved I looked at all the albums I own and realized I had way too many. And a good half of the photos were nearly identical repeats, of people I didn't care about anymore, or blurry shots of my foot as a four year old, or my Pixie Tails in the sink. I decided to take those out and mix in Nick's photos to try to tell a chronological story of our family. (Saying "our family" still gets me giddy even though it's just us and the cats.) As a kid I loved to look at pictures of my parents when they were young, and even then their disorganization drove my OCD crazy. I knew we had to be different. I went to Michael's when they were having one of their 20% off sales, picked up three matching jumbo photo albums and set to work.

So maybe I'm a little bit like my dad, but when I reorganized all of our family photos recently I was really excited and wanted to show Nick. He tried to get out of it, whining that he had to do work on his computer, it was too late, maybe tomorrow. But I persisted and we sat down to flip through it. Maybe it was because there were pictures of himself he hadn't seen in a long time, or maybe it was because he was looking at his wife being a cute baby, but he got really into it. Before you knew it we were laughing with a glass of wine, sharing stories, and then we got to the most recent pictures and it was all over. We put the albums away and Nick said, "I can't wait to share these with our kids one day." And I agreed as we both smiled with that look in each of our eyes.

Who knew looking at baby pictures would be such a romantic (and cheap) way to spend a Friday night?

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Patty said...

Aww, such a cute idea! I wish you'd come organize mine. I have folders full of pictures I have no idea how to go about sorting. Ugh!

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