Wednesday, May 11, 2011


How did you spend your Mother's Day? Hope whatever it was it was fun. Personally I did not spend it with my mom (a 3,000 mile distance had a lot to do with it), so unfortunately all I could do was call her. My activities were spent making an awesome brunch for Nick and some of his friends post-guys night out in San Francisco, and then mainly doing homework for the day. Then I drove an hour North to put myself through an amazing amount of pain for this:

It's Batman and Lulu! As you know, those kitties are super in love, so I wanted to celebrate my insane obsession with their cuteness. Mix in a crazy old cat lady in the making, and the desire to mark this time in my life with a permanent reminder of not only 1. how awesome it is and how happy I am, but 2. remind myself of how far I've come on this journey, I'd say it was pain worth suffering through. Good kitties, good friends, good times, a career milestone, and most importantly the kitties will always remind me of being early and happy in my relationship with Nick.

I've been talking with my friend Brandi about getting the tattoo for about 2 months now, so it was extremely exciting to get to go with her and my other good friend Michael. I was a little bummed Nick couldn't come, but my appointment was late and after his busy week and going out the night before, he needed to get some sleep. But when I came home he got out of bed to see it. Not sure if he approves (it is obviously a little girly), but if he did he didn't say anything because I was too happy and excited about it.

Aubrey from Zebra Tattoo in Walnut Creek did the work. She was so nice and really laid back. It was a great overall experience, and in huge part to how awesome she was. I'm so happy with how it turned out.

True Love.

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