Thursday, July 28, 2011

Album Review: Frank by Amy Winehouse

I know lately the whole world has been about Amy Winehouse's untimely passing. And I also know that no one was really surprised. As a long time drug user who dangled on the edge of an abyss for years, it was just a matter of time. More of a when, than an if. But for some of us, even though who were expecting this, it was still a blow. I've been a huge fan of Amy's since her last album came out. So much of a fan that I bought her first album as well. And when I heard that she had a short tour in Europe this summer, I hoped that it meant that she was going to start promoting a new album. I needed new Amy. But obviously none of that was meant to be. Maybe by Christmas (considering how fame-hungry her dad seems to be), we'll get a compilation or unfinished songs. But who knows. In the meantime, if you're hungry for more and you haven't checked out Frank I highly recommend it.

Already knowing the direction Amy went in with her follow up record, Frank seems like a more than adequate predecessor. Lots of raw talent, not overproduced, but Amy still clearly knew what she wanted and the direction she wanted to go in. It has the retro feel to it like Back to Black. A little bit of R&B, a little bit of pop, a little bit of jazz. The first few songs are more uptempo, even a bit angry, but as the disc progresses it mellows out and feels a little bit like a lounge record. At first that drove me nuts because I wanted more funky stuff like the first few tracks, but over time it grew on me. Lately I've been alternating this disc with Lauren Hill's Miseducation and it's a great companion.

Standout Tracks: Stronger than Me, Know You Now, & (There Is) No Greater Love


McMel said...

i am going to have to check this album out! i bought back to black right when it came out and still love it. i've heard lots of good things about this album! it's very sad that she couldn't get herself together, she was incredibly talented and had such a rich voice

Anonymous said...

Her dad was just a man who loved his unique daughter. He has acknowledged in the past that his professional singing career was helped by being Amy's dad and was really cool about it. He dropped things time and time again to come to her aid and try and help. In the end with addicts, you just have to hope that they come out the other side and, sometimes, they just don't despite all the love and support of parents and family and true friends.

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