Monday, July 18, 2011

Homemade Pizza

I know the last thing you really want to do during the summer and bake anything, or even be in the kitchen at all, but I've got a really great fun dinner that I think you should all hear about.

Being from New York, we are really spoiled in the food department. There are so many great restaurants with cuisine from all over the world. Not to mention the bagels and the pizza. I really do think there is something about that dirty city water, because out here, bagels and pizza just don't cut it. I've found a couple of pizza places that are *ok* but nothing like home. And because sometimes a New York girl just really needs her pizza, I've started to make it at home. The recipe is so easy (mainly because I cheat and buy premixed dough) and you can customize it however you want. Kind of worth it to turn the oven on for that.


-Some kind of sauce
-Some kind of cheese
-Pre-made pizza dough from your local super market (you can usually find it in the dairy section around the cheese)
-Any extra toppings you might want

1. Leave the dough out of the fridge and let it get to room temperature (it's much easier to spread out and work with if you do).
2. Preheat the oven to the temp directed on the dough bag.
3. If you plan to add vegetables on top. Now is the time to pre-saute (not precooking will leave the veggies dried out after you bake them).
4. Spread some flour on the counter and coat the dough in it and you spread it out.
5. Place the dough on your baking sheet or pizza stone (this should also have a thin coat of flour on it to prevent sticking). Top with desired flavors. Bake!
6. Let it cool a bit before you cut it up or try to eat it. Certain cheeses (especially ones with more oil in it like mozzarella) will be very hot.

Besides the normal pepperoni, some pizza topping options might include:

-Vodka sauce, goat cheese, and yellow and red peppers
-Pesto, mozzarella, and crumbled up meatballs (or veggie meatballs)
-Fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil
-Caramelized onions and blue cheese
-Chicken, monterey jack cheese, a dash of BBQ sauce, a dash of soy sauce, onions
-Brie, apples, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese

Or you can make one of our personal favorites:

Mozzarella & Smoked gouda cheeses, Butternut squash sauce, onions, and mushrooms

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