Thursday, March 1, 2012

Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

I think Emily Blunt is one of my favorite actresses. I don't know if it's because she's brilliant or has a British accent, or maybe a bit of both? But whether it's comedy or drama she is fantastic. So when I saw the preview for this movie, besides being instantly intrigued at the concept of little men in suits running around controlling what we do (you know me, I love a good movie that I can turn into an existential look at life), I knew I wanted to see it because Emily Blunt was in it.

As I already said, the premise of this movie is that there are a group of men who control the outcomes of our lives. What I did not say is that Matt Damon plays a budding and honest politician who "the creator" seems to think has a good shot at changing the world for the better. So these little men help him reach his potential. Somewhere a long the way he meets Blunt's character, falls in love with her, and no matter how hard the men in suits try to keep them apart, something keeps happening to pull them together. Then one day, by accident, Damon comes into contact face to face with the men (generally you're not supposed to be aware that they exist) and all hell breaks loose.


The men in suits explain to Damon that he's not supposed to be with Blunt and that his path has to be adjusted to ensure his destiny is fulfilled. Notable "adjusters" include Terrance Stamp and John Slattery, and they do their best to scare the crap out of Damon in hopes he'll stick to the plan. But the main character agreeing and going along with this plan wouldn't make a good movie plot. The rest of the movie centers around Damon's attempts to be with Blunt and what happens when the adjusters find out.

He can adjust me any that weird considering he's twice my age? Whatever. Roger Sterling=the man.

The movie attempts to play with the concepts of true love and destiny. One wonders are we all pawns in the creator's game? What kind of free will do we actually have? Are the things we feel real or just part of some master plan? It's an interesting idea wrapped up in a neat little thriller, but the main point of this story is the love between the two main characters so the movie really doesn't get that deep into the existential topics its concept is built on and when it attempts to do so, it almost seems forced or out of place. As a whole, though, I thought the movie was still good (it'd get 3 out of 4 stars from me if I used that kind of rating).

So the only question at this point is will true love win out? Well, it is Hollywood...

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