Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Woo!

As of yesterday I am done with classes for two weeks. Our Spring break is actually not that long, but I'm lucky/productive so for the two classes that I did have finals in, I'm done done done. Just a few more days at the clinic, which I don't really count because there's no homework. As of right now I'm free. Yesterday I completely vegetated and watched 3 1/2 movies (Sleeping Beauty, Kiki's Delivery Service, A Little Help, and started Enchanted April), caught up on two of my TV shows (New Girl and Awake), took a nap, and ate a ton of starch. I think I was burnt out, and in all honesty I don't have much to be burnt out about. But it's sunny outside after four straight days of rain, so I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. Time to get productive!

I have a huge to-do list and my goal is to get through everything. I think considering how crappy our internet has been mixed with two full weeks of spare time, I think it should not be a problem.

1. Plant veggies for the porch garden
2. Clean Bathroom sink
3. Organize the last two quarters of school papers
4. Unpack the last box in my room
5. Organize the stack of papers on my chair
6. Give Charlie a haircut
7. Balance checkbook
8. Return Anthro shirt
9. Organize the linen closet
10. Finish setting up the porch and living room.

Lots of things I hate to do and have put off, but give me lots of Futureheads (see video below) and 2 days and it'll get done.

As for fun stuff I do have a few of those things on my to-do list

11. Go to at least one movie by myself.
12. Make more coffee cake.
13. Use up Groupons (I have one for a massage and one for a tea place)
14. Visit SF with Charlie
15. Have Sam & Sophia over for grilled cheese
16. Do something fun with Megan
17. Write at least 5 blog entries

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