Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Beginning

When I was in high school and through a good chunk of college I kept a blog. I was very religious about it. I posted nearly every day and held the belief that I should always be completely honest and never censor myself. Needless to say I was pretty depressed and self absorbed, but blogging helped me to work out a lot of those feelings and I think it all worked out for the best.

For a variety of reasons I stopped, and through many failed attempts to start up again I decided I didn't need to write anymore. Well, I was wrong. I need to write. Although now I'm pretty happy and realize the whole world doesn't care about annoying whiny teenagers (because we were all there and know how much they drive us nuts). So what else do I know a lot about? This is how my train of thought went:

Hmm...I like to cook a lot, I like to be Ms. Susie Homemaker, I really love my husband, Shoes! Shopping! Gotta have those in there...Wow, this is going to be as ADHD as I am in real life.

Unless of course I tie it in with a theme, I have no money. Well, as I keep telling my husband, we would have money if it wasn't for that pesky little thing called debt. And I am about to go back to graduate school in an attempt to put us into even more debt (a small chunk of change I could buy a small house in the midwest with will be spent) for the sake of bettering our lives. When I was in high school and college I grew by writing, I figured I could learn to be better about spending money (and maybe help all of you) if I wrote about one Shopaholic's struggle to pinch pennies and still be a good "house"wife. So here we are. Young, Broke, and Married, but trying to not look it (the broke part, people still say duh?).


Before I start getting hate mail about the whole "house"wife thing...

I am a feminist (and my husband will be the first person to tell you this). I grew up with an even bigger feminist (my mother). I'm independent, determined to further my career (PhD), etc. etc. BUT, I like to entertain. It's actually very relaxing for me to spend 3 days cooking for Christmas dinner complete with tablescape, big tree, decorations, and kickass presents for all. Call it the Type-A in me, but I actually want to be one of those moms who works all day, then comes home and cooks a full meal with their high heels on. So if that demeans me in your eyes, fine. There are some people who I'm not going to be able to change. But my husband will be the first to tell you, if I worked in the corporate world, I'd be a VP before 40 and every man in the office would be afraid of those high heels. I just can't help if those heels are pink once in awhile.

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AJ said...

I respect your decision and am proud of you for making yours! I agree (:

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