Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 things about me you'll love...or watch me write a blog like a 16 year old

Inspired by a college friend and fellow blogger I have some "interesting" facts about me to post. I should call this, the classic "look at me look at me" blog writer post. Haha.

1. I have boxes of old letters and notes from just about all of my best friends and family members. I recently read somewhere (like Postsecret or something) that someone else saves them in case someone becomes famous, but I don't really think if any of us become famous people will care about the letters we used to send when we were 12. I think I'm just sentimental.
2. I look several years younger than I am (I am currently 26) and I have been using this to my advantage for years. That includes being mistaken for a high schooler twice to trick-or-treat during college and my first round of graduate school and getting my brother and I into under 16 only kid arcades.
3. When I'm really stressed out usually no one can tell because I hide it really well. Until my face completely breaks out like said 16 year old. I never had problems with acne in high school, so times like those drive me that much more crazy.
4. When I was 19 or 20 my ex-boyfriend told me one of the things he loved about me was that I was innocently optimistic despite being outwardly cynical. I always wanted everything to be perfect and everyone to be happy. That is still true, and it's one of the reasons that Nick loves me. I always dreamed of a life where cats and dogs got along in my house in perfect harmony. Almost there.
5. On the soccer field, when I see older women playing soccer sometimes I get frustrated because they are slow or not as skilled as some of the rest of us. But secretly I hope my knees last long enough that I can continue to play until that age.
6. It's really hard for me to be embarrassed about things that I like. I will readily admit in loving the Spice Girls, being a West Side Story addict (good musicals are awesome), the fact that I read daily recaps for General Hospital, or go weak at the knees for anything from the UK just because it's from there. I'm just a quirky silly person and I own it. Why should I be ashamed of something that makes me who I am?
7. My friend and I once played a game of 5 things about you that you'd say to a guy to make them intrigued in you. I think I came up with 5 interesting things (although I also have high self esteem and think most things including dumb ones about me are interesting). But why the hell does it matter? Shouldn't you just want to get to know me because I'm pretty friggen awesome? That being said, what you see is what you get with me. I live with my emotions and heart on my sleeve and refuse to be anything I'm not. Don't like it? Too bad. I've come too far to be anything besides me for my past life I used to make bold statements like that in hopes it was true, but now I know it actually is. I guess that's one of the good things about being a grown up!
8. Things I am addicted to: anything from the 60s, shoes, cheese and bread for lunch, tea time, snuggly pets, the season of Fall, scarves and mittens, hugs, the perfect pillow, the internet, singing really loudly in my car regardless of who is in there with me, pumpkin flavored anything, music, my favorite foods of the moment, being barefoot outside, my cell phone, playing soccer, Christmastime, and water.
9. I hate to say this, but looking good really is it's own reward. Nothing ruins my day like a bad hair day, but when I make a cute outfit and feel like I actually achieved the look I was going for I feel like an Amazon woman capable of anything. I think I subscribe to the feminist view that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, backwards, in heels. So accomplishing my goals and looking good wearing heels while doing it is important, especially should you run into someone from your past and want to make sure you're better off than them. (Superficial I know, but at least I'm honest!)
10. I talk a lot in person. I also obviously write a lot and when I write emails they're usually pages and pages. I think people think I love attention and the sound of my own voice. But I hate talking on the phone or talking to people online in a chat screen unless it's someone I haven't talked to in ages and have a lot to catch up on. I also crave comfortable silence in my relationships with people. If I can be silent during a car ride, walk outside, or in general communicate with you with just a look, I consider you a soul mate. By those standards, I think I can count those on one hand.


Patty said...

Musicals are wonderful! I go to at least 5 every year.

It's your blog, say whatever you want about yourself!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice. xo

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