Friday, September 2, 2011

Veggies and Eggs for dinner?

Sometimes my best recipes come when I have leftover vegetables and I have to get rid of them. The other day this was the case and as I thought about what I wanted to eat, and what I had, all I kept thinking about was breakfast. Breakfast for dinner happens on a somewhat regular basis in our house, so it's not completely out of the question that if I'm in the mood for some chocolate chip coconut pancakes to make them.

On Wednesday night, keeping with the theme of now being healthy people, I wanted to finish up our veggies and make something light but filling. But all I wanted was an egg over easy. So to fulfill both of these things, I ended up making a really great breakfast for dinner that Nick and I both liked so much that we'd consider making it for company when we're not in the mood for our usual huge fatty brunches. Here's the SUPER simple recipe:

What you need:
-Sliced bread
-Cherry tomatoes
-1 Super Big Shallot (or 2 or 3 smaller ones)
-1 medium Zucchini
-Olive Oil

1. Heat up your oil in a pan. While this is heating, cut up the shallots (I slice each bulb in half and then cut them across like you'd do with an onion). When you're done add to the pan.
2. Next cut up the zucchini. First cut lengthwise then cut into bite sized pieces. Add that to the pan.
3. Stir regularly and add only a tiny bit more olive oil if needed. After this has cooked long enough that the shallots and zucchinis are starting to look a little bit cooked add the cherry tomatoes whole.
4. Make some toast. When the cherry tomatoes start to pop that's how you know they're done. Transfer the veggies to the top of your toast.
5. Leave the heat on, and in the same pan you made the veggies now make your eggs. Crack the egg open over the pan and without touching it, let it cook for a minute. Then cover it with a pan/pot top. After about 30-60 seconds check to see if the clear part of the egg has almost completely turned white. If there's just a little bit of clear egg left, carefully flip it over. Cook for 10-20 seconds, then transfer and put on top of your eggs and veggies. One egg for each piece of toast.

I'd suggest no more than 1 at a time if you're not used to making eggs this way. It takes a few tries to get them right and not break the yolks. It's also easier to use a metal spatula.

This recipe should be be enough for 3 people depending on the number of toasts/eggs you make (about 6 toasts).

Other vegetables that would be good with this are onions, asparagus, and mushrooms. I think if you want to make this slightly more dinner like, it would always be amazing over polenta instead of toast.

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CAITLIN said...

this sounds delicious!! my favorite ways to cook eggs: scrambled with mushrooms, zucchini, onions and salsa, or as an omelet with avocado, tomatoes, and cream cheese. mmm :) i want eggs...

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