Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred

Back in 2008 when I was planning my wedding I was part of this really great website that had online forums where local girls could come together and post about their frustrations, concerns, ask questions, and talk about everything under the sun. Everyone had their own style and opinion and it was pretty interesting to watch all these weddings evolve and see pictures of the finished results. So many different snowflakes. My group of girls (the 09ers as we called ourselves) all agreed on one thing, though, that Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred video was amazing. I never did it back in the day, and in reality did absolutely no fitness routine to prepare for my wedding. I just did what I normally do (attempt to go to the gym when I could muster it). But I saw some before and after pictures of some girls who did the video and you could see a HUGE difference after 30 days. I remember a couple even did it for 60 days and it was amazing what one dvd and a simple change in diet (which is not part of the plan, but obviously smart if you're looking for real results) could do to a person in 2 months (don't believe me, click on this and see tons of pics).

I just got the DVD yesterday (but have started doing it since Monday) and oh my god this thing has kicked my ass. Holy crap I am sore. Can I stress that enough? Some of the exercises I was impressed with myself that I was able to do them and not feel tired (yay me for being in shape), but then the burn came and I started thinking to myself, "wait, didn't I already do work outs for these in my old routine? Why does this hurt so bad?!" Apparently because I'm not as strong as I think I am, or maybe because Jillian was sent on this Earth to torture us into leaner people?

Now you know I don't believe in diets, and I definitely don't think I'm fat, but I've noticed that some of my pants have been fitting a little bit tighter lately. I think it's the fact that we've had so many guests since May that we've been eating real food again. And by real food, I mean unhealthy food. Lots of burgers, mac and cheese, french toast, etc. I think my stomach is secretly from the south because I love fatty rich foods and put butter on everything. Nick has been feeling it too and constantly pokes at his spare tire (that is really just the size of a tricycle wheel, but you know there's no arguing about that with a guy). After having one last hurrah in LA (where we really didn't even eat that unhealthily) we decided it's time to be healthy again and have switched our diet back to being semi healthy semi poor. Which means, when we do spend money on something besides pasta, peanut butter, carnation instant breakfast, and yogurt, it'll be on healthy things like multi-grain bread, vegetables, chicken breast, and so on. But you're not stopping me from drinking wine and having the occasional ice cream when I want it.

So back to Jillian, I've been dying to try this DVD for forever so I caved and bought it on Monday from amazing for a SUPER cheap price (and yay for 2 day student prime shipping). But like most consumers I didn't want to wait 2 days I wanted it right then. So I did some Googling and found it online (click here). As per these directions, there's three work outs and you do each one for about 10 days. This video has all three workouts in succession. I planned to start early, but to "officially" start with Nick so I got a few extra days out of the deal. It was hard doing it with the computer because I too had to constantly move my laptop so I could see things and was super happy when the DVD came for the pure ease of it. But it was also nice to do the first few days on my own with a mirror near by so I could see and feel at the same time what the exercises looked like when I was doing them correctly. It's really easy to bend your back or your legs the wrong way without realizing it. And with a workout like this you need to do things the right way for the best results.

With this "diet" in place and a new DVD that we've both started, I'm hoping it'll make a difference for both of us. I just want to wear my pants comfortably (and for me it's always about being healthy. I need to keep my high cholesterol under control and start getting back into shape for when soccer starts next week), and Nick, I think he wants to turn into the guy from 300. Four days in I don't know if I really feel stronger, or if I just feel sore and *think* that means strong. Or maybe it's like that SNL skit "Clinique calls it burning, we just say that means it's working."

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