Saturday, January 15, 2011

In a World of Her Own

For Christmas, one of my gifts was Alice in Wonderland (the Disney Cartoon). While I took a break from reading last night I decided to work on an assignment for my Neuropsychology (the at times painfully tedious coloring book of the human brain), and asked Nick to pick out a movie to watch. We popped in the DVD and was transported to Wonderland. Nonsense, silly songs, and bright colors. Mainly responsible for the visual look of the film is Mary Blair, a genius concept artist.

Following the movie we watched a short documentary about the movie and of course Blair was mentioned (as she usually is in many of the documentaries about classic Disney Cartoons...yeah, I've watched A LOT). I've always loved Blair's work. It has a very retro 60s feel to it and it reminds me of some old greeting cards my mother kept from her teenage years. Bright colors and soft edges. So many things from that time period and since then have her stamp on it. I have a painting in my house that I acquired from my grandfather when he moved out of his apartment that shows some influence from her (I'm pretty sure it was painted during the same time period). But what I wouldn't give to have something of hers hanging up in my house.

Her paintings would be just the right thing to perk up a drab minimalist modern style home. Or maybe I can just find one of her childrens' books and cut out the pages and frame it.

Well, I don't think my coloring benefited much from the movie, but I at least enjoyed myself and was definitely inspired with a few other colorful ideas (like some mix and matching of outfits and for when I switch over to our Spring decor). Hopefully she'll inspire you too!

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