Monday, January 17, 2011

Store Rave: Sway

This week I was lucky enough to visit Santa Cruz twice. I think I have decided that out of all of the local towns, that one is my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the ones really close by (like Palo Alto), but Santa Cruz has some character to it. It's not your normal yuppie town. There are homeless people, hippies of all ages, college students, a yuppie here or there, and just all around interesting folk. There's also a wide array of food choices (which up here there seems to mainly be typical California food--Mexican or Asian themed) and more boutique style shopping with fewer chains.

One of my favorite stores there, if not my favorite, is Sway. I have now been there three times and have found some of the cutest clothes (I think eventually the owner will know me by name, haha). The store is essentially the closest you can get to a Modcloth shop (they even carry some of the same items for slightly cheaper) or a Topshop on the West coast. Lots of young trendy clothing items from casual to fancy with a small selection of shoes and accessories. Prices seem to run from $5-$70 with most items being under $40.

A variety of designers are carried and while generally the style caters to a younger hip crowd, there are some different styles as well (basics, earthy, 50s/60s retro, and the latest neu-80s ware). My mom found a lot of things she liked and I can definitely picture her wearing stuff like that when she was younger (very much her sense of style); she also bought herself a long sweater to wear with leggings. While I haven't bought something every time I've gone in, the things I have bought are of good quality. And I have always found something I liked.

Sway doesn't have an official website or sell things online, they do have a pretty active Facebook with lots of photos from past fashion shows they have had (wouldn't that be fun to attend). Here's a few of their looks from their Facebook:

I think I need to stay away from that store.

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