Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Big Update on 30 under 30

1. Never stop playing soccer.
2. Get my PhD.
3. Have a baby, or at least try to have a baby.
4. Go to Hawaii.
5. Pay off credit card debt.
6. Go to France.
7. Find at least two life long friends in California.
8. Maintain my vegetable garden for at least one year.
9. Buy new dining room chairs.
10. Surprise myself with my grades.
11. Keep my current best friends.
12. Restore the ugly orange chair.
13. Do something I always say I'll never do ever.
14. Get an article published that is not my dissertation.
15. Drive the California coast.
16. Host a great weekend or Holiday here with my family.
17. Be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding.
18. Organize my computer files (music, photos, and school stuff).
19. Take a vacation (even just an overnight trip) with just the girls.
20. Learn more about wine.
21. Figure out how to tell a chicken/roast beef/fish/etc. is done cooking just by looking at it.
22. See Radiohead live.
23. Learn how to fancy dance (ie. waltz, salsa, etc.) with my husband.
24. Start saving for a house.
25. Make an Italian meal for my husband's Italian family.
26. Work at least one job that is completely frivolous and fun (ie. not a resume booster).
27. Get into at least 5 new bands every year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
28. Read for pleasure more.
29. Finish my old diary.
30. Start a massive project, and actually finish it.

And here's the progress:

4. Go to Hawaii. - We've been super lazy about this and even though we said we were going to book the tickets soon we didn't. Although, we have changed our minds about when we're going to go. We may go in October or December of this year instead of January of next.
5. Pay off credit card debt. - DONE!!!!!!
14. Get an article published that is not my dissertation. - Emailed my co-author a ton of stuff that I had written and asked her to start writing her part. Very exciting to move to the next level.
15. Drive the California coast. - I think we want to do this when school lets out for the summer. We're thinking about taking a long weekend to drive down to LA to visit some friends there. This will be the perfect time to do that.


Patty said...

You go girl!

calla said...

great read. this is an awesome list!


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