Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Product Rave - Smooth my Sole

My mom has a good friend who works for a magazine company and routinely brings home bags and bags of free items from her. I get to pick at the leftovers and sometimes my mom will set aside specific stuff she thinks I'll really like. When I went home this past Spring Break I had a goodie bag waiting for me. Included in it was a Smooth my Sole scrubber from Dr. Scholls.

I've gotten so many manicure/pedicure/beauty kit/etc. things over the years. 90% of the time the things get used once, or not at all, and tossed aside. At this point, I own nail filers, clippers, etc. and yet people always think you need 5 of them. So that's exactly what I did with this defoliator at first. Then it got warm in California and I had to wear sandals for the first time and I looked at my feet. Not completely gross, but not so great looking either. Dry cracked feet at not attractive, and definitely age you.

So one day when I actually had 10 minutes to pry open the package, look it over, and try to use it, I sat down on my bathroom mat after a shower and began to work. And holy crap. Was I surprised at the amount of dead skin that came off and I wasn't even trying that hard. After one usage, I removed so much stuff my feet felt markedly improved. Because I tend to forget to use these things after a shower (which is when they work the best because you've softened everything up), I now use it in the shower. It also makes cleaning up easier. I've been scrubbing away every other day for a week and am a complete convert. I don't think I'll ever live without a Smooth my Sole again. I actually want to touch my feet now...is that weird? I swear I don't have a foot fetish.

Now if I really wanted to make my feel feel soft as silk I'd probably start using my Bliss Spa socks with some foot cream again. But I'm not sure if my exhausted grad school student brain can remember to add that many steps into my beauty routine every week.

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