Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bouchon Bakery

Nothing thrills me more than a good quiche and a sweet treat after wards. When I worked in New York City, my office was very close to Columbus Circle at Central Park South. I liked to take solo-lunches and walk there, either window shopping at the shops or stroll through Central Park. The Columbus Circle shops definitely cater to a rich crowd with higher end designer stores (like Stuart Weitzman) and the cheapest places being J-Crew and Sephora. Even the restaurants were expensive. On my salary there was no way I could get a nice lunch for $30 a plate. But, there was one place I could afford (and routinely went to) that was never a disappointment, Bouchon Bakery.

The owner/creator/chef has several other restaurants (including one at Columbus Circle), but Bouchon Bakery is the only one I have ever gone to. I have gotten to go food (like some of the sandwiches, quiche, salads, and croissants) and had several sit down meals too. I absolutely love the quiche, which regardless of the kind, always had fluffy eggs that were buttery and a vinaigrette on the accompanying salad that was to die for. My two favorite sandwhiches are a toss up (depending on whether I want something sweet or something savory) between the cashew butter and jelly (apricot) and the roasted vegetable which has eggplant, zucchini, and red peppers with tons of cheese and comes on an AMAZING multi-grain bread.

And the cookies! Oh God. Between the award winning nutter butters and TKO (Thomas Keller Oreo with seasonal icing offerings), you'd already be set if not for the rest of the display case of goodies.

The one thing I was ever disappointed in was the bread they give with a sit down meal. Very small, all crust, and so crunchy. It's hard to chew, I could imagine someone with no teeth, or very bad teeth having a lot of issues. But it's such a small part of the meal considering how great everything else is. Just look at the pictures I took from their website. I think that says it all:

PS. The website does not do their selection of food justice you must go (in California, Nevada, or New York) to see for yourself! And bring the pup, there's lots of treats for him too!

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