Sunday, April 17, 2011

What did I wear today? All about Spring!

Wow, this outfit has three stories to it, and all are so not related!

1. After weeks of rain and dreary weather, it seems like Spring has finally Sprung! I know I have been celebrating this fact for a few entries now, but I wanted to tie it all in with an outfit perfect for Spring!

2. We all have those favorite articles of clothing that seem to find their way into every outfit we wear, a go to piece that seems to reflect who you are. Well about 5 years ago I bought myself a cardigan from Urban Outfitters. Very plain, nothing too crazy, in a dark green. Fitted, v-neck, thin. I LOVED that sweater and probably wore it upwards of 2 times a week for two years. Then one day, it was gone. I lost it at my old grad school somewhere. Ran all over campus trying to find it, but nothing. I have searched for years to replace that cardigan, about a month ago I found this one which is almost an exact match. And it cost me around $9 full price!

3. Birthdays past and'll see what I mean

Sunglasses: H&M (this year) (cream floral print)
Dress: A present from my Mommy, Urban Outfitters (this year)
Cardigan: Forever 21 (this year)
Tights: Part of my birthday present from a few years ago from my parents from Paris
Shoes: Urban Outfitters $40 (over 50% off), Happy Birthday to me!
Ring: Part of last year's birthday present from Nick, Banana Republic (white flower)
Necklace: Forever 21 (this year)
Bag: H&M circa 2006
Belt: Thrifted for $1!

When I took this Charlie was being such a little attention whore! I couldn't get him to get out of the way of the shoes. Those are a favorite right now and I really wanted to show them off. I subscribe to the idea that animals are like people, so when I asked him if he wanted his picture taken this was his response:

After that he sit down and got out of the way. So silly.

PS. Note: This picture is a few weeks old already. You see that Modcloth box? It contained the gift basket I mailed out to Kaye when she won the first gift basket giveaway. The paper wrapped parcel was an item bought from the garage sale.


I Try Stuff On said...

I love the dress!

Anonymous said...

Did I miss who won the most recent contest?

Lila said...

No, you didn't. Sorry it has not been announced. School has been especially crazy with a conference and two midterms coming up, so preparing for that had to take priority for a bit. I plan to post it up soon!

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