Thursday, April 7, 2011

What did I wear today? Happy Birthday Edition!

So no, this is not what I am wearing today for my birthday (I try to pre-stamp my posts at a good time for the East Coast so they tend to go up before I'm even awake). But because it's my birthday today I saved a post to feature one of my favorite outfits as of late.

Buttondown Shirt: Express circa 2007
Necklace: From a bead boutique in NYC circa 2005
Jeans: A favorite purchase, possibly favorite jeans ever, BDG high waisted fit from Urban Outfitters

Aaaaannnddd because YBM can't ever let a birthday pass without a contest, I'm going to give away another gift basket of goodies! Same rules as last time:

-Leave a comment on this entry with
1. Your favorite YBM entry (it cannot be from the past 7 days) with it's link
2. How you follow (Facebook, Blogger, etc.)
3. Your email so you can be contacted if you win.
-One comment per following platform (for example, if you follow on Facebook you get one comment, if you follow on Blogger you get one comment, etc.) Favorite entry must be different, though!
-Posts to the actual Facebook Page wall will get you an extra entry (one per person). These can be duplicates of what you posted on the blog.
-Winner will be chosen at random from a hat.
-You can be from anywhere in the world to enter.

Good luck!


kmmms said...

You look fabulous! Loving those jeans x

Kaye said...

the outfit is super cute! I love the cardigan.
skipping on the giveaway this time around, but happy birthday again (:

Benji said...

I follow from my Google Reader. Any post involving food/restaurants are my favorite but this one in particular gets me because I lurve grilled cheese:

I live in the UK and nobody ever allows non-US dwellers to enter so I'm hopping all over this one! :)

h k a a r e n g at

Miavitabella0248 said...

Happy Birthday!! I follow you on facebook

Miavitabella0248 said...

And I follow you on blogger!

Miavitabella0248 said...

And my 2nd favorite entry is this one about brunch! Strawberry Place is amazing!

Anonymous said...

another favorite was the 30 under 30 post (, and I enjoyed seeing the recent update too! It made me think of what my list should look like...considering I am less than 10 months from the big 3-0! eek!

i follow just by typing in the blogspot page, as well as facebook. email is

Oru said...

I picked something different last time, because you hadn't put this one up yet - I thoroughly enjoyed your Phototherapy entry - you look so lovely in those pictures!
My e-mail is

Abby said...

I really like your phototherapy update, from March 25.

Abby said...

I follow you on Google Friend Connect (AbbyB)

Abby said...

And, lastly, I am your first follower on Bloglovin'!

jess said...

my favorite post by far has been the 30 under 30 post ( it inspired me to make my own 30 under 30 list which i've always got in the back of my mind and hope to complete by 6/10/14. i follow via blogger and facebook. email is

Meg! said...

I just started following your blog so I don't have a fave post really, but I am gonna go back and read more at some point! <3

Anyway, I love that cardi, and your dog is the cutest freakin' dog in the world. What kind is it?

Karin said...

First of all, Happy Birthday!!!

I love your 30 under 30. it is inspiring. I follow you on Facebook and on blogger. I love your posts. my email is

Alana said...

Happy Birthday!

I love your grilled cheese post:
for obvious reasons :)

I follow on google reader.

chocolate fridays at yahoo dot com!

Alana said...

Oh, and I follow on fb, too! This post is nice:

McMel said...

i follow on google friend connect

McMel said...

my favorite entry-

i'm doing one of these as well!

Danielle C said...

Hey thanks for the giveaway and for dropping by my blog : )

I would say this is one of my favorite post of yours because it's practical and I can't agree more... I rarely spend without a coupon nowadays : )

I'm following you through facebook as Danielle M. i think we are modsquad street buddies : )

Anonymous said...

I love your beauty must haves. LOVE IT

I follow on facebook and I am a blogger.

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