Friday, January 20, 2012

Restaurant Review: Joanie's Cafe

My mom recently came to visit and on her last day in town we only had time for a nice breakfast before I had to take her to the airport. I had recently had brunch with a friend at another restaurant and suggested that, but after Googling "breakfast spots in Palo Alto" we found Joanie's Cafe and opted to go there instead just to try something new. (The promise of breakfast crepes also kind of won us over too.)

As their website boasts, Joanie's Cafe was voted best breakfast in Palo Alto. When we first arrived at the restaurant we were pretty shocked at how packed it was for a weekday morning (there were only two tables available, one of which we snagged). But if there's people there obviously had to be something to the website. Yet I remained cynical. The first thing I ever learned to cook was breakfast foods so I am a stickler when eating breakfast out, especially when it comes to eggs. Joanie's serves up a lot of traditional food (eggs benedict, omelets, french toast, etc.), and I must say does it really well. We each opted for a crepe with hash browns. The eggs were not too dry and the hashbrowns were crispy and buttery. Between bites we both kept saying how good the crepe was and ate every last bit of food on our plates (well...I helped my mom finish hers off). Either way, we both left overly stuffed and very happy. Needless to say I think I've found my new brunch spot, and considering I can afford to eat there even when my mom doesn't pay, I will definitely be going back.

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PKW said...

I have only been for dinner, their french onion soup is delicious.

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