Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday I...
1. Got so much homework and practicum application stuff done. Look at me being all productive and a good student!
2. Slept for 12 hours. Clearly I needed it.
3. Finished watching all of the Doctor Who reboot episodes. What am I going to watch now?!
4. Mailed the mix I made for Jen. Hope she enjoys it!
5. Listened to The Drums' self titled album about 10 times. Obviously I'm in the middle of a music addiction. Need more new-romanticesque music ASAP.

Today I...
1. Had class and learned all about Psychodynamic theory. It is one of the rare classes that I do not feel like spacing out for 3/4 of it. I think other people are not fans, but I love Attachment Theory and all things related to it. So I am loving all the things I'm learning and doing the psych-nerd thing of applying to EVERYONE I know.
2. Had a lunch date with Sahar, a friend from school. Everything on the menu of the place looks amazing, I may have to go 3 more times and then write a review of it.
3. Sent my brother a really long message about what I learned in class (see #1.) and it made me really miss him. He graduates from college this year. It would be really cool if I could convince him and my mom to give him $$ to travel with for his graduation gift. Maybe then we could go somewhere awesome this summer like Australia or Europe or something.
4. Will probably take a nap. I don't know what I like more than snuggling with the farm. Maybe if I do that but get to eat a cupcake at the same time?
5. Started a new self-care regimen. Teeth whitening strips, fancy face washing/moisturizing nighttime routine, moisturizing socks, booked a future massage that involves wine AND cheesecake for a friend and I, etc. etc...I'm starting to sound like a 40-something single woman...I only have TWO cats. Not twenty.

Tomorrow I...
1. Have a job interview. I really hope I do well and get the job. Can't beat a great opportunity with the obvious perks of being employed.
2. May have to work at Anthro. Can't decide if I want to go in or not. Making money is good. Waking up at 5:30am to do so is not so good.
3. Will be stopping by Anthro regardless because we are having a super sale for employees only. I think some sale items may be calling my name.
4. Am also stopping by the soccer story with Mike. Must replace my soccer bag that Batman peed all over before Saturday's game.
5. Speaking of cupcakes, I'm planning on going to Sprinkles and buying myself a box. I am skinny and I work hard at life. I deserve a treat...or a box full of them sometimes.

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