Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Azzuro Pizzeria

Growing up in the NYC metro area, pizza is it's own 5th food group (bagels are the 6th). When I went away to college all the pizza up there was horrible. It was either too much like Domino's or too much like Ellio's. And having had some of the best pizza within walking, bike riding, or driving distance from my house, I'm a little spoiled as to what good pizza should taste like. I would come home from school and basically eat bagels and pizza for 3 days straight. Now that I'm in California I feel the same way. When we were home for Christmas, I had pizza 3 times, and bagels twice in a 10 day period. Pizza here just isn't the same.

But, even though I generally hate the pizza I've tried here, Azzuro Pizzeria in Napa more than satisfied my pizza craving and has given me some hope that there just might be some good pizza places on the West Coast. Thin crispy pizza with a fluffly not overly cooked crust and great sauce and toppings. Could a NYer ask for anything less?

Nick got the traditional pie (which tasted just like a NY pizza) and I got the squash pie which was essentially a white pizza (minus the garlic) and had butternut squash on top. Both were amazingly good, large for a personal size pizza (but they were so good we forced ourselves to finish them), and reasonably priced.

For a displaced NYer looking for a slice of home, it's definitely worth going to for your fix.

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