Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yet another Napa Entry- Two very different tasting rooms

I feel like I should add a disclaimer to the following entry. Please excuse how disjointed and short it is. My brain is completely fried right now. I've been trying to work on this all week but because of some really difficult tests (and a dog with an upset stomach) I am exhausted and can barely string two words together in normal conversation, let alone a blog. Sorry if it's a little dry!


One of the really nice things about going to Napa was the town itself. It's a decent size with lots of cute little places to check out (like that cupcake place, tons of restaurants, and boutique shops). The Saturday we walked around we armed ourselves with a wine tasting card ($35 for 10 cent tastings at 12 different tasting rooms) and tried to visit as many places as possible. We were out of the inn from about 11am until about 6 and didn't even get to see everything. We went to half of the tasting rooms, and I have to admit we were pretty sloshed by the end of the evening. I'm glad I remembered that the tasting card doesn't expire until the end of the year and stopped us from visiting all the rooms in one day (which some people who obviously had a much better tolerance than either Nick or I).

Of all the rooms we visited our very first stop, Wineries of Napa Valley, was our favorite. The server was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Between the two tasting sessions we chose and the free glasses we got with the card, we already had 12 wines to try but we were pointed in the direction of several other wines (all from local wineries) that were amazing. We ended up purchasing a dessert wine that we're saving Easter to serve after dinner with cheese (I know, we're so snobby!). We definitely plan to go back next time we are in town and since it's dog friendly we'll even bring Charlie.

One of the last tasting rooms we stopped off was Uncorked at Oxbow. We were warned that the later it gets in Napa, the more busy the rooms get. Considering we were still out right before dinner on a Saturday night it doesn't surprise me that there were a lot of couples, girls, and groups out for a pre-dinner drink. Uncorked had a more laid back crowd and that reflected the feel of the tasting room itself. While we were exhausted and hungry, and in all honesty a little cranky, it was still worth the visit. Uncorked features local musicians and has some instruments set up for various events they have, so it's got a little bit of a folky-rock-n-roll feel to it. I know that's something my family will appreciate when we take them there this summer.

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