Friday, February 18, 2011

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

So besides being 2/3rds of the title of a rare Beatles record and a movie staring Sophia Loren, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is a quick survey I used to really like doing in previous blogs. Just a snippet of how things have been going lately.

Yesterday I...
1. Got the results back from one of my tests. I did a lot better than I was expecting.
2. Went vintage shopping at the Salvation Army with my friend Brandi, got a really great 70s shirt for $2.33.
3. Finished off the mac and cheese I made for Valentine's Day. That means today I have to cook, and I'm really in the mood to veg out in front of a TV with take out.
4. Watched 5 episodes of Glee. (Last week I became a Gleek.)
5. Woke up in a funk, but went to bed in a much better mood.

Today I...
1. Am really annoyed because Nick slept in (he's working from home), and Charlie rewarded him with a poop and pee on the floor downstairs.
2. Got a lot of little administrative things done like getting the tax paperwork ready for Nick to scan for our accountant, school soccer stuff, and some school work.
3. Will watch more Glee, because I got so much of that little stuff done.
4. Decided I am going to have an 80s themed birthday party for my birthday this year. People must dress birthday is 1 1/2 months away.
5. Wish I had something to do that didn't involve being at home. I'm going a little stir crazy.

Tomorrow I...
1. Have absolutely nothing planned. Usually this means one of two things, lazy day or cleaning. Should probably clean.
2. Really hope Charlie does not go to the bathroom in the house again.
3. Really hope Batman isn't so whiny around Charlie. Let's take another step towards a happy harmonious family!
4. Will force myself to go to the gym.
5. Will do some reading for school and maybe color.

Yeah...a little morbid.


AJ said...

Love this blog :)

Anonymous said...

Love this, very cute! I may steal it :)

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