Monday, February 14, 2011

What did I wear today? #2

I took this picture (or really Nick did) up in Napa on our mini vacation last month. I wore this outfit again recently, but I liked this picture of it better. (I can hide my messy bedroom more easily!)

Sweater: Modcloth (a gift for my anniversary)
Blazer: Vintage tweed, Salvation Army - $3!
Jeans: Express Circa 2006
Boots: Steve Madden (I must say, I had another pair from Nine West that I wore 4+ times a week for 2 years that lasted longer than these did (5 months). One already has a lot of wear in the heal. Can't put them on in the rain anymore.)
Belt: Uniqlo Circa 2007
Purse: Lord and Taylors, another clearance with a coupon, got for about 65% off
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs (birthday gift)


Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day! I'm actually kind of excited this year, although it's not like we have much planned. I have class until 7 and a big test tomorrow at 9:30, plus I don't have a job. So I am just making my smoked gouda mac and cheese, some pesto, garlic, cheese bread, and already made Shrewsberry Cakes, we'll probably crack open a bottle of wine from Napa and watch a cheesey movie. But I'm still looking forward to it. A nice dinner, and some time where we will be forced to pay attention to each other instead of a textbook, computer, etc. will be really nice. And how could I not look forward to that?

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Anonymous said...

Cute! Sounds like a nice night, too! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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